Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A Winder man was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of drug-related objects and theft by shoplifting. Casey Thomas Price, no age given, 109 Quail Valley Rd., Auburn, was arrested after a shoplifting was reported at Walmart on Atlanta Hwy. An employee reported she saw Price alter the prices on items and scan the altered prices. A zipper bag in his front pocket included bags of methamphetamine and marijuana. Two pipes also were found.

•A Jefferson man was charged with shoplifting from the Walmart on Atlanta Highway in Winder after an employee reported she saw him “under-scanning” items at a self-checkout. Employees found 10 items that had been left in a shopping bag by the man and a woman with him.

•A man reported a truck had been stolen from an unsecured lot on Atlanta Highway. The truck was a 2010 Nissan Titan. The man said the truck had a dealer tag on it and was unlocked with the keys in it. It was worth about $10,000, he said.

•A woman on Creekwood Drive said an Amazon Fire tablet and an iPhone 4 were stolen from her. She was out of town from July 9 to July 25. She said she noticed that apps were being downloaded on her tablet July 21.

•A woman on Bowling Lane reported she noticed items missing from her purse and house Dec. 1, 2018. The theft was reported July 25, 2019. Listed as missing were a Social Security packet of paperwork for the woman, her manicure license from Florida, her Medicare card, Social Security card and birth certificate.

•A Walmart employee reported a shoplifting incident at the store that involved at least 12 items.

•A Bethlehem man was arrested for possession and sale of more than an ounce of marijuana after a traffic stop. A deputy said he saw a car in a parking lotthat had an “overwhelming” odor of marijuana coming from it. After the car was stopped, deputies found two jars of marijuana totaling about 41 grams. Antonio Rashad Burt, no age given, 146 Dillard Heights Dr., Bethlehem, was charged.

•A Winder woman was arrested for driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop. A deputy said the woman acted as though she was “avoiding law enforcement” because she made a sudden turn off Carter Road when he got behind her. Deanna Shinnise Redding, no age given, 105 Lily Dr., Winder, was charged after a man passenger and she walked to the end of the drive, saw the patrol car, then walked behind trailers away from their van.

•A Target employee said a man and two women tried to take items without paying for them. He said a man tried to cut electronics from a shelf and the women had the cart and tried to push it back to the man who tried to push it out the door.

•A woman at a convenience store said she tried to sell a home alarm and camera system and the men she was showing it to drove off. The camera and security system were turned into deputies when they investigated. The merchandise was returned.

•A Monroe man was turning in pallets for payment and changed the number of “48” to “148.” He was accused of first-degree forgery and theft by deception. He received $275 more than he should have.


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