A Winder man has been jailed for the sixth time in two years on domestic violence charges. Nicholas Paul Fortner, 30, of 836 Hwy. 211 in Winder, is accused of entering his ex-girlfriend’s house on June 6 and attacking her.

The woman said she received a text from Fortner saying he was outside and wanted to talk to her. The woman said she went upstairs to lie down and a few minutes later realized Fortner was in the room.

Fortner allegedly walked over to the woman, covered her mouth with his hand and started laughing before backing away. When the woman tried to stand up, Fortner shoved her back onto the bed.

The woman said she went downstairs to figure out how Fortner got into the house and found a bedroom window was open. When she ordered Fortner to leave, he pushed her down onto a sofa. The woman said Fortner put his hands around her face and screamed “What’s going on? We need to talk” before biting the woman on the lip.

Fortner and the woman walked outside where Fortner reportedly pushed the woman into a child’s swimming pool before leaving the residence.

The woman then called 911. When the deputy arrived, the woman said she had a valid protective order in place against Fortner. The woman said there have been 25-30 incidents of family violence in the two years she has known Fortner and that he had already been arrested five times previously for acts of domestic violence against her.

Warrants were secured against Fortner for family violence simple battery, criminal trespass and aggravated stalking. He was taken into custody on June 25.

Prior to last week’s arrest, Fortner’s most recent arrest was in February of this year when he was charged with stalking, simple assault, simple battery, cruelty to children and criminal trespass after a confrontation with the woman at his mother’s house.

The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office took Fortner into custody two days after the Feb. 18 incident. In addition to the warrants obtained by Winder Police, Fortner was also charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

According to BCSO records, Fortner was arrested in Oct. 2008 for simple battery and obstruction of an emergency medical technician. He was released after four days in jail.

Two months later, Fortner was arrested for burglary and two counts of second degree criminal damage to property. Fortner served four days before making bond.

In May of 2009, Fortner served two days after again being charged with burglary. The following month, Fortner served 29 days after being arrested on family violence charges including three counts of criminal damage to property, two counts of aggravated assault, violation of a family violence order, obstruction, false imprisonment and family violence hit and run.

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