Arrests made recently by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office and the Winder and Statham police departments include:


•Terrence Dante Davis, 30, 51 Davis Mill, Lawrenceville – probation violation.

•Julie Mae Bacchus, 31, 351 Glenmoor Pl., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Jeffery Eugene Maddox, 60, 4235 Rabbit Farm Rd., Loganville – probation violation.

•Marvin Lyn Bagwell, 50, 139 Northridge Dr., Winder – criminal trespass (two counts), third-degree cruelty to children (two counts) and battery-family violence (two counts).

•Bobby Arthur Pendley, 27, 501 Jones Rd., Statham – probation violation.

•Quincy Smith, 36, 109 Hilltop Cir., Auburn – manufacturing with intent to distribute a controlled substance, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, possession of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school and probation violation.

•Jennifer Wood-Culpepper, 50, 108 Treemont Way, Winder – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, criminal trespass-family violence and disorderly conduct.

•Devon Jamal Elam, 22, 866 Win West Pointe, Auburn – failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

•Dana Lyn Stewart, 59, 1124 Hwy. 211 NW, Winder – failure to maintain lane, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

•Baron Sajuna Thompson, 46, 1400 Roberta Dr. SW, Marietta – possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a felony, stalking and criminal trespass-family violence.

•David Wayne Peake, 28, 1525 Farmington Way, Winder – driving under the influence of intoxicating substances, knowingly driving a motor vehicle on a suspended registration and improper stopping on a road.

•Hannah Nicole Wallace, 20, 120 Second St., Winder – possession of marijuana.

•Jamie Cornelius Jackson, 33, 195 Rocksprings Ct., Athens – theft by shoplifting.

•Erin Michelle Parker, 45, 980 Pineglen Dr., Forest Park – pedestrian under the influence.

•Kenny James Cauthen, 33, 923 Preston Park Dr., Duluth – possession of a schedule I controlled substance (two counts), speeding, open container violation and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Larry Joseph Hardigree, 37, 2160 Summerset Dr., Monroe – probation violation.

•Ashley Ann Callahan, 31, 689 Ode Peppers Rd., Winder – criminal trespass-family violence and theft by shoplifting.

•Patricia Jones, 37, 160 Elkgrove Dr., Auburn – battery-family violence.

•Billy Wayne Schandera, 33, 753 Judea St., Bethlehem – aggravated assault.

•Taylor Owen Zimmerman, 24, 64 Main St., Auburn – interference with custody.

•Vanessa Akins Zimmerman, 58, 5145 Spring St., Flowery Branch – interference with custody.

•Jason Alan Iler, 44, 406 Lokey’s Ridge Rd., Bethlehem – driving on a suspended license and possession of methamphetamine.

•Rachel Karen Entrekin, 46, 239 Falling Leaf Ln., Winder – battery-family violence, simple assault-family violence and criminal trespass-family violence.

•Jermondrae Philtaevius Burtch, 27, 164 Allen Orsley Rd., Dewy Rose – second-degree criminal damage to property.

•Austin Nick Vanderford, 28, 182 Colonial Hill Rd., Winder – probation violation.

•Zachary Brian Mullins, 18, 103 Finnigan Dr., Winder – theft by taking.

•Megan Lynn Lopez Baldwin, 35, 69 Andrew Jackson St., Commerce – theft by conversion and theft by deception.

•Andrew Joseph Mann, 30, 29 Main St., Auburn – false statements and writings and theft by taking.

•Robert Zachary Wilson, 26, 79 Bowman Mill Rd. SE, Winder – probation violation (four counts).

•Brittany Elyse Major, 31, 1935 Lee Patrick Dr., Dacula – seat belts violation, failure to maintain lane and DUI-intoxicating substances.

•Thomas Gregory Procell, 55, 310 Caesar Rd., Winder – probation violation.

•Michelle Alese Morrison, 22, 709 West Creek Cir., Monroe – criminal trespass-family violence and simple battery-family violence.

•Jaquan Huguley, 26, 804 Redland Ct., Lawrenceville – failure to appear.

•Patrick Lee Overstreet, 24, 3118 Galilee Church Rd., Jefferson – enticing a child for indecent purposes and possessing child pornography with intent to distribute.

•Joseph Charles Martin, 44, 178 Double Bridges Rd., Jefferson – theft by shoplifting.

•Stanmorus Leshun Sims, 27, 319 E. Midland Ave., Winder – theft by taking (two counts) and entering an automobile with the intent to commit a felony.

•Robert Dwayne Wright-Hall, 28, 907 Westwood Ln., Winder – criminal trespass-family violence, battery-family violence and terroristic threats.

•Jermaine Alfred Smith, 24, 1022 Preserve Ln., Bethlehem – pedestrian under the influence and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Kyle James Willis, 23, 236 Capitol Ave., Winder – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers and public indecency.

•Tahmair Kyree Johnson, 17, 1241 Dylan Way, Bethlehem – probation violation.

•Dominick Dol, 19, 2798 Stockbridge Way, Dacula – reckless driving and speeding.


•Michael Wayne Beusse, 53, 553 Spruce Ln., Monroe.

•Marian Misty Garmon, 40, 3747 Youth Monroe Rd., Loganville.

• Zachary Jakob White, 25, 65 Hinton Dr., Dacula.


•Taaron Chadwick Liles, 25, 132 Ashley Cir., Apt. 4, Athens – hit-and-run.


•Clifford Benjamin Carroll, 36, 160 Second St., Winder – loitering and criminal trespass.

•Wesley Scott Welch, 29, 158 Sweet Gum Ln., Winder – violation of the hands-free Georgia act and driving on a suspended license.

•Antrice Gwenyedda Hill, 32, P.O. Box 508, Bethlehem – possession of a schedule I or II controlled substance with intent to distribute.

•Myia Nicole Nash, 18, 1390 Morrow Dr., Bethlehem – possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to obey a traffic control device.

•Garyuna Denay Hunter, 18 29 Marion Lay St., Winder – possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

•Precious D. Johnson, 30, 234 Wood Ave., Apt. A, Winder – terroristic threats.

•Catherine Alice Reinoehl, 38, 309 Harrison Ln., Winder – altered license plate and driving on a suspended license.

•Brandon James Smith, 33, 503 Harry McCarty Rd., Bethlehem – driving without a license, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers and violation of brake lights requirements.

•Charles Lawson Johnson, 17, 864 Whispering Way, Winder – fighting.

•Bradley Lawrence Messer, 17, 531 Valleyview Dr., Winder – fighting.

•David Antwaun Spratlin, 28, 48 Village Ct., Winder – disturbing the peace.

•Vontarious Marquezz Cook, 28, 186 Rivermist Ct., Bethlehem – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, public drunkenness, criminal trespass-family violence and aggravated assault.

•Bobby Anthony Worley, 52, 39 Bowman Mill Rd. NE, Winder – expired license plate, no insurance, taillight lenses required, open container violation and driving on a suspended license.

•Edgar Israel Jara, 21, 144 Horton St., Winder – driving an unsafe vehicle and driving on a suspended license.

•Cassandra Lingenfelter, 30, 479 Gainesville Hwy., Winder – simple battery-family-violence, possession of methamphetamine and probation violation.

•Zachary Elijah Wilbur, 28, 688 Mulberry Rd., Winder – failure to appear.

•Lorenzo Richardson Jr., 26, 150 Brookview Terrace, Winder – probation violation.

•Cassie Leann Meeks, 29, 236 Graham St., Apt. 6B, Winder – identity theft fraud and financial transaction card fraud.

•Blake Addison Hancock, 25, 218 W. Washington St., Monroe – failure to appear.

•Markise Antwon Johnson, 25, 106 Lighthouse Way, Winder – stalking, entering automobile with intent to commit felony and simple assault.

•Kyle James Willis, 23, 236 Capitol Ave., Winder – possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of low THC oil (20 fluid ounces or less).

•Leno Blandenburg, 57, 299 ½ Mission Dr., Athens – fleeing police and failure to obey a traffic control device.

•Jessica Lynn Suttle, 34, 1317 Old Victron School Rd., Auburn – speeding, DUI-endangering a child under 14 and DUI-drugs.

•Nathan Avery Attaway, 17, 362 Jefferson Ave., Bogart – possession and use of drug-related objects, crossing guard lines of a correctional facility with weapons, intoxicants or drugs, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of a pistol by a person under 18 and possession of methamphetamine.

•Floyd Nelson Woods, 45, 1671 Holman Autry Rd., Danielsville – failure to appear.

•Quincy Jermaine Maxey, 42, 97 Williamson St., Winder – pedestrian under the influence and public drunkenness.

•Sidney James Newman III, 32, 915 Juanita Cir., Melbourne, Florida – DUI-endangering a child under 14 (three counts), safety belt violation (6-17), safety belt violation (5 years and under) (two counts), speeding, DUI-drugs, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

•Tacorrha Solomon, 20, 115 Lily Dr., Winder – disorderly conduct.

•Bessy Mendoza-Rodriguez, 28, 407 Harpy Eagle Dr., Winder – simple battery-family violence.

•Cesar A. Rojas-Geraldino, 21, 693 Rebecca St. NW, Lilburn – simple battery-family violence.

•Leslie Bernard Burgess, 51, 150 Pinkston Ct., Winder – driving on a suspended license and improper passing.

•Charles Logan Roper, 31, 170 Williamsburg Way, Winder – driving on a suspended license.


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