A Statham man was charged with burglary after an alert neighbor was able to identify the man for authorities. Deputies were called to a Dooley Town Road home after a resident discovered her house had been burglarized.

A 50” flat screen television, a laptop, personal documents and several pieces of jewelry were among the items reported missing.

During the investigation, authorities were notified that a neighbor had seen a small, black Honda parked in the victim’s driveway earlier that day.

Another witness reported seeing a man known as “A.J.” driving back and forth past the victim’s residence in a black Honda Civic. The witness provided an address for “A.J.,” later identified as Alan Dean Hatton Jr., 22, of 2374 Greeson Road in Statham.

A deputy went to Hatton’s house and noticed a black Honda Civic parked in the driveway. As the deputy exited his vehicle, a woman, later identified as Hatton’s girlfriend, walked out of the residence.

When asked about the vehicle, the girlfriend said it was hers and that she did not believe anyone had driven it that day. The woman also said she had not seen Hatton that day.

The deputy informed the woman that he was investigating a burglary and that her car matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle. The deputy asked the woman for permission to search the vehicle and she consented.

Just as the woman was opening the trunk, Hatton walked outside.

When the deputy asked the woman why she had lied about not seeing Hatton, the woman claimed she did not know he was on the property.

At that point, the deputy ran the tag on the Civic and determined that Hatton was the actual owner of the vehicle.

Once again, the deputy asked for consent to search the vehicle and asked both Hatton and his girlfriend to sign a consent form.

After finding no items of value in the vehicle, the deputy returned to the home of one of the witnesses and asked the man if he would positively identify Hatton’s vehicle as the one he saw at the victim’s home earlier that day.

The witness confirmed that the vehicle was the one he had seen earlier.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Hatton’s home and recovered several items of stolen property upon execution of the warrant. In addition to the items stolen from the Dooley Town Road residence, investigators also located several items linking Hatton to a burglary on Luke Road in Bogart.

Hatton and another man, Akeem Oneil Jones, 18, of 1840 Barber Creek Road in Statham, were charged with theft by receiving stolen property and burglary as a result of the investigation.

Other recent arrests made by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies include:

• Arthur Lee Achacoso, 42, 135 Piney Hill Bluff Road, Winder, simple battery and first degree cruelty to children.

• Ashleigh Suzanna Berryman, 29, 1029 Dee Kennedy Road, Auburn, failure to appear.

• Mary Elizabeth Brock, 21, 111 Chase Lane, Homer, theft by shoplifting.

• Priscilla Butterwick, 41, 433 Dotson Road, Statham, VGCSA, possession of a drug related object and failure to maintain lane.

• Cursel Denise Davis, 26, 271 East Wright Street, Winder, sale of marijuana.

• John David Franklin, 43, 363 Meadowbrook Farm Road, Lexington, simple assault and obstruction.

• Daniel Craig Gilliand, 20, 375 Manning Gin Road, Bethlehem, burglary, theft by taking, theft by receiving, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes and probation violation.

• Timothy Todd Goforth, 26, 890 Hwy. 11, Bethlehem, burglary, theft by taking, theft by receiving and possession of a firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes.

• Timothy Ray Gunter, 43, 233 West Oak Street, Winder, probation violation.

• Jessie Adam Hicks, 26, 5357 Chigger Hill Circle, Gainesville, terroristic threats and acts and theft by shoplifting.

• Misty Renee Johnson, 20, 201 B Georgia Avenue, Winder, theft by shoplifting.

• Michael James Martin, 40, 1032 B Whitfield Road, Jefferson, criminal trespass.

• Michael Lindsey Miller, 47, homeless, Winder, drugs to be kept in original container and probation violation.

• Kenneth Russell Murphy, 51, 2755 Antioch Road, Macon, probation violation.

• Sharon Alicia Nash, 28, 1458 Hog Mountain Road, Winder, probation violation.

• Stacey Dewayne Peppers, 42, 449 Hammond Road, Statham, probation violation.

• April Christine Poore, 20, 376 Manning Gin Road, Bethlehem, family violence battery, cruelty to children and failure to appear.

• Jeremiah James Sailors, 31, 418 Blueberry Court, Winder, criminal trespass and probation violation.

• Leonard Douglas Scogin, 40, 1390 Boulevard, Athens probation violation.

• David Iven Shipley, 40, 775 Samuel Court, Bethlehem, probation violation.

• Alemetra Eugenia Slaughter, 25, 89 East Wright Street, Winder, probation violation.

• Victoria Lynn Stockton, 23, 26 Arnco First Street, Newnan, simple assault.

• Michael Richard Thomas, 35, 159 Browns Bridge Road, Auburn, probation violation.

• Stanley Christopher Vaughan, 23, 209 Third Avenue, Winder, failure to appear.

• Jeffrey Kyle Walker, 20, 578 Reisling Drive, Braselton, probation violation.

• Lanny Nelson Williams, 34, 324 Chimney Trace Drive, Winder, probation violation.

• James Edwin Wise, 48, 3716 Tanners Mill Road, Gainesville, probation violation.

• Sanduan Geirr Billings, 18, 41 Wade Street, Winder, probation violation.

• Roberto Antonio Bryant, 41, 2541 Kelman Place, Dacula, failure to appear.

• Elizabeth Jane Butler, 65, 257 Rutledge Drive, Winder, failure to appear.

• Ericka Marlena Cruz-Noriega, 20, 365 Sanders Street, Winder, theft by shoplifting.

• Michael Anthony Daniel, 32, 48 Pine Valley Circle, Lawrenceville, obstruction.

• Carla Marie Evans, 41, 2093 Westbrook Road, Commerce, hold for other agency.

• Robert Thomas Harbin, 30, 263 Rockwell Church Road, Winder, criminal damage to property.

• Carmen Nicole Hargrove, 34, 355 Searchlight Drive, Winder, identity fraud.

• Steven Dewayne Holcombe, 21, 2203 Stanley Road, Dacula, obstruction.

• Candice Louan Hunter, 40, 119 Victron Drive, Hoschton, theft by taking.

• Kevin Wayne Jones, 33, 1150 Arch Tanner Road, Bethlehem, criminal trespass.

• Aaron Heath Leem 28, 276 Springdale, Winder, criminal trespass.

• Jackie Edward Lee, 36, 469 Akins Road, Statham, failure to appear.

• Talisa Deanne McCarter, 30, 113 Thorton Road, Winder, simple battery, battery and criminal trespass.

• Jade Allan Neidler, 30, 2071 Hwy. 211, Statham, obstruction.

• Jason Robert Plott, 22, 254 Old Tassel Court, Woodstock, financial transaction card fraud and theft by taking.

• Sheena Lea Renfroe, 36, 469 Akins Road, Statham, failure to appear.

• Shannon Cassie Sweat, 37, 10305 Middleground, Savannah, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, DUI, failure to maintain lane, obstruction and fleeing and attempting to elude.

• James Bryant Taylor, 41, 214 Meadows Drive, Loganville, probation violation.

• Michael Vilaisane, 23, 729 Merridale Drive, Charlotte, speeding and DUI.

• Steve Xiong, 20, 261 N. Valeria, Fresno, Calif., consumption of alcohol by a minor and seatbelt violation.

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