Incidents reported recently to the Winder Police Department include:

•A woman said she left her engagement ring on a sink at a Marion Lay Street apartment and it was stolen between 11:30 p.m. Nov. 17 and 7:30 a.m. Nov. 18. She later said the ring was recovered in the bathroom. The woman was arrested for an outstanding warrant in Savannah. A man at the apartment also was arrested for an outstanding warrant from Savannah and for giving a false name and birthdate to a law enforcement officer.

•First United Methodist Church reported the theft of $300 from the Sunday collections. The money was in the church safe.

•A man reported his Chevrolet Blazer was stolen from his workplace on Nov. 14.

•A man who was a passenger in a car stopped for a traffic violation was arrested for giving a false name and birthdate to a law enforcement officer. The man said he was afraid he might have an active probation violation warrant.

•A Winder was arrested on outstanding warrants from Barrow County and Lilburn after an officer saw him in a parked car with the lights off.

•A Shelby, N.C., man was arrested after a Chevrolet bucket truck was found in a ditch and abandoned. The man was found near Shuffles Bar on Atlanta Highway. He said he was drunk. The man was charged with stealing the truck, which was valued at $10,000. He was part of a lighting crew that had been working in the area. The truck belonged to a South Carolina company.

•A homeless man was held on a warrant from Oglethorpe County and was arrested for three drug charges. He was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and two counts of possession and use of drug-related objects.

•A woman on Wood Avenue in Winder said she lost her wallet and it was stolen when she was on her way to work. She said the wallet had $400, a Georgia driver’s license, her Social Security card, a Georgia identification card and a debit card in it.

•A man was charged with criminal trespass-family violence after an off-duty deputy said he saw him throw a phone at a woman. The man admitted he broke the phone, but he denied throwing it at the woman or their infant.

•A Dawsonville man was charged with shoplifting when he took a laser level from a local pawn shop, left the store and then returned and tried to sell the level to the store.

•A Statham man was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicating substances and failure to stop for a school bus. An officer said he saw the man pass a stopped school bus.

•Officers said they tased a man who resisted being handcuffed when they approached him. They told him they wanted to “pat him down” for their safety while they questioned him. His mother said her son was schizophrenic and had not taken his medication. She said he was panhandling for money in front of a local drug store. His mother offered to bail him out if he would go to the hospital and he decided to go to jail.

•A Bethlehem man was arrested on an outstanding Barrow County warrant and charged with public drunkenness after officers found him “hunched over on the sidewalk” on Exchange Circle.

•Three Winder people were charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana after traffic stops. One man was also charged with failure to obey a traffic control device after a traffic stop on Beulah Street. Another man was charged with no insurance after he turned into a retail business when an officer was watching him. He left the business and headed west on West May Street. and the officer stopped him. The man told an officer a bag in the center console had marijuana in it. A woman was charged after a traffic stop on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

•A woman who was a passenger in a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation was held on an outstanding warrant from Oglethorpe County.

•A Gainesville man was held on a Hall County warrant after a traffic stop near Gainesville Highway and Sims Road.

•A Winder man was charged with simple battery after he knocked the glasses off another man as the man was moving a table across MLK Jr. Drive.

•A Winder man was charged with reckless conduct and unlawful entry on property after he admitted to setting a fire on Capitol Avenue to stay warm.

•A man was charged with simple assault after a dispute with a co-worker. The man said his co-worker threatened to “jack him up” over food that was damaged. The man left the restaurant after his co-worker “stepped in front of him.”

•Two Winder men, one the ex-husband of a woman and the other the current boyfriend of the woman, had an argument. The ex-husband pushed the boyfriend down and broke his wrist. The boyfriend and woman went to the ex-husband’s house to pick up her children. That is where the argument started.

•A woman was found apparently asleep or passed out in the road near Lily Drive and South Beulah Street. She was charged with public intoxication.

•A man on Hosch Circle found his windshield broken when he went outside Nov. 1. He said he had “made a lot of enemies through school and work.”

•A man said he lost his wallet when he bought a pack of cigarettes. He said the wallet had $752 in it. Also lost were a debit card, a Georgia driver’s license and his Social Security card.

•A Bethlehem man was held on a Winder warrant and was charged with giving a false name and date of birth after a traffic stop on North Broad Street.

•Two women were arrested on multiple drug charges after they retrieved a Victoria Secret handbag from a dumpster. The handbag had marijuana, several pills and a scale in it. Both women were charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, marijuana and a schedule IV controlled substance and possession of drug-related objects. One also was charged with obstruction of a police officer. Officers were first called to the Waffle House in Bethlehem because of an unresponsive man. The women said the man had been drinking “G” mixed with Sunny Delight.

•A woman was arrested for unlawful entry to property after she answered the door at a house from which she had been criminally trespassed.

•An apartment complex manager on Apperson Drive said a gun had been left in a vacant apartment. Officers took a Rohm .22 caliber revolver.

•A Monroe man was charged with DUI-alcohol-less safe, willful obstruction, disorderly conduct and open container violation after he was found asleep or passed out in a parking lot of a local business. His truck was parked sideways across several spaces. Once he was awake, he called the officer names and was verbally abusive. The man was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow and became more resistant He was put into a WRAP restraint device to be carried out of the hospital.

•A manager at Goodwill said an employee opened a bag of donated clothes and a gun fell out. The .25 caliber FIE Tital semi-automatic pistol was taken by police.

•A woman who said she had evicted two people recently reported a storage building missing at a Broad Street house, where the eviction occurred.

•A man was arrested for a hands-free violation of state law and driving on a suspended license after an officer saw him with a cell phone in his right hand.


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