An Auburn woman is facing multiple counts of stalking after repeatedly videotaping her Hilltop Circle neighbor. Barbara Jean Waldroup, 59, of 82 Hilltop Circle, was arrested May 17 after her neighbor summoned authorities after seeing Waldroup videotaping her activities.

The victim said the videotaping is part of ongoing harassment and intimidation by Waldroup. According to the victim, Waldroup has been stalking her for four years. Police have been called to the residence several times in the past regarding the continuing dispute. Most recently, police cited Waldroup for disorderly conduct in connection with an April dispute concerning the ongoing video surveillance.

The victim said the harassment has escalated to the point where Waldroup has her under constant surveillance whenever she is working in her yard or out with her dogs. The victim pointed out a video camera in the window of Waldroup’s house which was pointed at the victim’s carport.

When officers interviewed Waldroup regarding the allegations, Waldroup said she only videotaped the victim when the victim videotaped her. Waldroup claimed the victim’s harassment of her has resulted in behavioral problems for her dogs. When asked if she had any evidence of harassment by the victim, Waldroup produced two videotapes which showed the victim working and moving about in her yard. Based on the victim’s statements and the videotaped evidence provided by Waldroup, Waldroup was charged with three counts of stalking.

The victim also provided police with several videotapes of Waldroup videotaping her. The victim said she only videotaped Waldroup to show that Waldroup was filming her. One of the tapes showed Waldroup walking up and standing next to the fence with her camera in what appeared to be an attempt to get a better view while recording the victim’s movements.

Police placed nine tapes made by the victim and two tapes made by Waldroup into evidence.

During the past week, Auburn Police also charged William Anthony Gentile, 26, of 1786 Wynfield Lane in Auburn with disorderly conduct after Gentile reportedly took numerous pills while drunk. Gentile was evaluated for possible suicidal tendencies after threatening suicide and becoming combative with friends and responding officers. After emergency medical workers determined Gentile did not intend to harm himself, he was cited for disorderly conduct and released to a family member.

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