A Winder woman got in trouble with more than just the law after her arrest for driving under the influence. Latoya Tynesha Smith, 25, of 149 Horton Street in Winder, was speeding westbound on East Midland Avenue when an officer witnessed her vehicle cross into the eastbound lanes of traffic after it passed his location. Smith then drove off the roadway and into a ditch before crashing into City of Winder gas lines.

When the officer reached the scene of the accident, he noticed Smith’s vehicle was still in drive and that the front passenger tires were spinning against the chain link fence surrounding the gas lines. When the officer approached the vehicle, he realized the driver had fled the scene.

Smith was located a short while later near Popeye’s restaurant. According to the police report, there was a “strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage” on Smith’s breath. When police asked Smith what happened, she said she did not know what they meant.

When the officer continued to ask Smith questions about the accident, Smith said the officer was going to lock her up regardless. The officer noted that Smith constantly used profanity “while talking to me and at me.”

Smith declined to undergo field sobriety testing and asked to call the owner of the vehicle so that she could tell them what happened to the car.

When the officer attempted to place Smith in handcuffs, she resisted by jerking her arm away from the officer. The officer placed Smith in an arm bar and handcuffed her, but Smith was able to get one wrist free and turned towards the officer. Once again, the officer handcuffed Smith and then tried to get Smith into the back seat of the patrol car. Smith would not sit and had to be forced into the vehicle. As the officer attempted to close the door, Smith tried to get our and kicked the officer in the leg. She then said she would kick out the windows with her feet and tried to several times according to the report.

Before transporting Smith to jail, her mother arrived at the scene and asked to speak with her. The officer allowed the mother to talk to Smith at which point the mother “cursed Smith out telling her she was drunk and had no business driving someone else’s vehicle.”

The owner of the vehicle later filed a report with the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office saying Smith had stolen the vehicle.

Smith was charged by Winder Police with DUI, driving too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane, open container, obstruction, damage to city property, driving without a license and hit and run.

Other arrests made this past week by Winder Police include:

• Stephen Carl Hansford, 37, 312 East Broad Street, Winder, failure to appear.

• Kelly Michael Timm, 24, 80 King Street, Winder, shoplifting.

• Patricia Anne Rainwater, 39, 124 Second Street, Winder, shoplifting.

• Cesar Martinez-Alvarez, 26, 43 East New Street, Winder, driving without a license and windshield violation.

• Lawrence Lycurtis Doughtery, 18, 262 King Street, Winder, sentenced.

• Antwaun Untez Calles, 24, 234 Glen Avenue, Winder, probation violation.

• Gilbert Charles Colunga, 28, 144 Carl Cedar Hill Road, Winder, sentenced.

• Linda Lynn Crowe, 44, 848 Lakeshore Drive, Winder, probation violation.

• Eliseo Hernandez Davalos, 27, 57 Patrick Mill Road, Winder, simple battery.

• Pamela Norris Johnson, 47, 1434 Hog Mountain Road, Winder, probation violation, suspended license and windshield violation.

• Charleston Donquavas Johnson, 25, 124 Second Street, Apt. 68, Winder, probation violation.

• Terry Lynn McElhannon, 52, 191 B Graham Street, Winder, failure to appear.

• James Clarence Moore, 59, 200 Capital Avenue, Winder, sentenced.

• Daniel Pichardo, 19, 350 Shenandoah Circle, Winder, sentenced.

• Demarcus Byshon Rhodes, 23, 226 Dreamland Circle, Winder, probation violation.

• Aaron Edwain Riley, 24, 123 East Kimbell Street, Winder, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

• Jacob Lee Taylor, 19, 144 West May Street, Winder, sentenced.

• Artriolus Lee Butler, 22, 290 Old Monroe Road, Bogart, probation violation.

• Mario David Barraza, 34, 97 Lake View Drive, Auburn, unsafe movement of parked vehicle and DUI.

• Damirez Floyd, 25, 236 Dreamland Circle, Winder, probation violation.

• April Dawn Gutierrez, 35, 64 Davenport Road, Braselton, possession of marijuana.

• Samuel Hernandez, 17, 132 Circle Drive, Winder, theft by shoplifting.

• Casey Danielle Kellum, 19, 957 Pine Valley Road, Winder, probation violation.

• Kristina Ann Owen, 35, 119 Fair Street, Loganville, probation violation.

• Darwin Ernesto Pantaleon, 24, 124 Second Street, Winder, driving while unlicensed and head light violation.

• Colt Royal Phillips, 26, 180 Kiley Drive, Hoschton, DUI, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and duty upon striking fixed object.

• Kenneth Shane Prickett, 21, 298 Jefferson Street, Statham, shoplifting and littering.

• Amanda Marie Rambo, 22, 192 Graham Street, Winder, probation violation.

• Brian Anthony Wilson, 21, 1872 Parker Drive, Statham, drugs to be kept in original container, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of xanax.

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