A deputy was dispatched to the area of Hwy. 81 and Turtle Creek after a Gwinnett County officer reported a vehicle partially in the roadway. The driver of the vehicle, Tanya Fisher, 38, of 730 Loganville Highway in Winder, asked if the deputy would help push her vehicle further into the ditch. The deputy declined, advising the woman that if he did so, the vehicle would overturn on the steep embankment.

Fisher said she knew a man named Edward who lived nearby. She asked the deputy if she could walk to his house and get help with the vehicle. The deputy said no and asked Fisher for her license. Fisher admitted that she did not have one because her license had been suspended.

The deputy returned to his patrol car to check Fisher’s information. He discovered that Fisher’s license had been suspended twice for controlled substance violations. While in his patrol car, he saw Fisher squat down in front of her vehicle and throw something that appeared to be keys in the direction of Turtle Creek.

When the deputy returned to speak with Fisher, she said her husband “Edward” had been driving the vehicle. The deputy inquired if this was the same Edward who lived nearby. When Fisher said it was, the deputy asked why she needed to go get Edward if he had been driving the vehicle. The deputy then asked Fisher what Edward’s last name was. Fisher did not know. Fisher was also unable to provide her “husband’s” birthday or phone number. Fisher then changed her story and said Edward was her boyfriend, but still could not explain why she needed to go get him if he had been the one driving.

Based on the inconsistencies in Fisher’s statements, the deputy determined that Fisher had been driving with a suspended license and placed her under arrest.

Other recent arrests made by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies include:

• Timothy Glenn Adams, 26, 929 Dogwood Trail, Winder, simple battery.

• Richard Kent Barrick, 45, 4804 Cannon Road, Loganville, court appearance.

• Tina Michelle Cornell, 34, 3885 Old State Road, Talmo, probation violation.

• Sherman Antonio Dallas, 39, 554 Lake wood Drive, Griffin, probation violation.

• Randall Allen Dean, 26, 3700 Morgan Ridge Court, Buford, probation violation.

• Jesus Garcia Delgado, 20, 280 Natchez Circle, Winder, probation violation.

• Brandon Lee Hooper, 24, 120 Jefferson Road, Statham, VGCSA methamphetamine.

• Angela Denise Iler, 39, 473 Mephisto Circle, Lawrenceville, probation violation.

• Ricky Lee Jones, 24, 602 Davis Street, Monroe, failure to appear.

• Jonathan Lamar McDougald, 27, 512 Oxford Ridge, Winder, criminal trespass.

• Kristopher Jon Moreno, 36, 4102 Shawnee Drive, Oakwood, probation violation and contempt of court.

• Ryan Jerome O’Neal, 24, 964 Wesley Chapel Road, Lexington, probation violation.

• Laurie Stowe Peters, 40, 4419 Thompson Road, Loganville, probation violation.

• William James Presnell, 51, 225 Lonestar Road, Bogart, probation violation.

• Zabed Sayed Rahman, 24, 929 Dogwood Trail, Winder, simple battery family violence.

• Mitchell Roy Rutledge, 38, 311 Rooks Road, Winder, probation violation.

• David Iven Shipley, 40, 775 Samuel Court, Bethlehem, probation violation.

• David Smith, 48, 180 Wood Avenue, Winder, probation violation.

• Brian Christopher Stapleton, 34, 40 Creek Wood Road, Winder, family violence battery and simple battery.

• James Leonard Stokes Sr., 49, 271 East Wright Street, Winder, third degree cruelty to children, family violence simple battery and battery.

• James Anthony Walden, 44, 1901 Rossway Drive, Vidalia, probation violation.

• Eric Mackenzie Wilkerson, 17, 335 Ashley Court, Winder, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and obstruction.

• Betty Roxanne Yother, 43, 311 Rooks Road, Winder, failure to appear.

• John Henry Beaver, 27, 924 Jim Johnson Road, Winder, abandonment of dependent child.

• Danny Ray Bowen, 37, 48 East Star Street, Bethlehem, failure to appear.

• Annette Vester Cash, 48, 52 Beech Creek Circle, Winder, first degree forgery, party to the crime of forgery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

• Christopher Yadolla Fattahi, 18, 1930 Lee Patrick Road, Dacula, outstanding warrants.

• Edward Kenneth Gudz, 17, 344 North Fifth Avenue, Winder, theft by shoplifting.

• Pao Her, 20, 251 Ryan Road, Winder, expired tag, tail lights required and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

• Antrice Gwenyedda Hill, 23, 412 Tanners Bridge Circle, Bethlehem, third degree cruelty to children and battery.

• Charles Lucas Hunter, 46, 562 Timber Ridge, Lawrenceville, suspended license, failure to maintain lane and driving without headlights when required.

• Tamaqua Florinda Johnson, 38, 132 Williamsburg Way, Winder, battery and third degree cruelty to children.

• Darreus Jaron Lisenby, 18, 746 Morris Lane, Winder, family violence aggravated assault, cruelty to children, simple assault, battery and criminal trespass.

• Latascha Yvette Macklin, 36, 350 Fall View Court, Winder, simple battery and neglect and abuse of mentally disabled adult.

• Jerry Estee McDonald II, 47, 1243 Bethlehem Road, Statham, simple assault.

• Ricky Joe Metcalf, 33, 782 City Pond Circle, Winder, hold for other agency.

• Caige Westbrook Nixon, 17, 440 Briarwood Road, Winder, theft by shoplifting.

• David Baxter Owens, 41, 10 Forest Lane South, Arden, N.C., abandonment of dependent child.

• Jamie Mardogue Pineda-Rugno, 38, 1995 Winderville, Athens, driving while unlicensed, failure to obey traffic control device and too fast for conditions.

• Patty Jean Sims, 36, 1411 Dave Creek Road, Winder, financial transaction card fraud.

• Tyler Stephen Truitt, 20, 360 West Midland Avenue, Winder, loitering.

• Jason Barry Wehunt, 17, 849 Laurel Lane, Winder, DUI, endangerment of a child under the age of 14, driving without headlights when required, child restraint law violation and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

• Shane Eric Wilson, 35, 595 Chicken Lyle Road, Winder, failure to appear.

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