Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A Statham woman faced six charges after a domestic disturbance involving her husband and his mother. Melynda Sue McInnis, no age given, 533 Reynolds Ct., Statham, was charged with two counts of criminal trespass, simple assault-family violence, simple battery-family violence, simple assault and simple battery against a person 65 or older. The incident occurred on Providence Cir., Statham, when the wife went to her mother-in-law’s house. She said her husband “invited her” into the house and she was “viciously attacked” by her husband and mother-in-law. He said his wife said a baby was in the house and she needed to find it. When the woman tried to get in the house, the husband held her and walked — “by bear hugging her” — out the front door. He said he locked the door and heard his wife “screaming and throwing things against the front door.”

•An Auburn man was arrested on three charges following a dispute on Smokerise Lane, Auburn. Sherman Eugene Opperman, no age given, 1323 Smokerise Ln., Auburn, was charged with false imprisonment, terroristic threats and criminal trespass. He also was given a notice of prohibited entry for life from an address on Smokerise Lane. A neighbor said the incident involved three juveniles.

•A man said a Glock pistol was near the intersection of Highway 82 and Jones Road. He said he kicked the firearm off the road into the grass.

•A woman said a woman with whom she had an “ongoing case” saw her at a business on Atlanta Highway and followed her to her house on Hillside Court. The woman said she did see her at a business but did not follow her home.

•A man on Holsenbeck School Road said his mailbox was knocked off the pole. He said it was the fifth time in a year his property had been damaged.

•A Winder woman was charged with aggravated stalking after an incident. Nancy Slaven Blevins, no age given, 177 Georgia Ave., Winder, was arrested after she was in a van that drove slowly past an apartment. Her ex-boyfriend and a woman, with whom he has a relationship, were on the porch and the women exchanged words. An officer said he talked with Blevins and lied to her about having the encounter on video. She admitted to telling the new girlfriend to “shut up.” Blevins had a no-contact bond order from the judge.

•A woman on Amalie Drive in Statham said an arrow was sticking out of her house when she returned home. It was sticking out of the second story of the house six to seven inches.

•A man on Country Court, Auburn, said an Isuzu Trooper was taken from his house. He believed it had been towed because the battery and starter were not in the vehicle.

•A Carnesville man was arrested for driving on a suspended license when stopped by a deputy on Smith Cemetery Road Aaron Ray Parkison, no age given, 1711 Harber Rd., Carnesville, was charged.

•A student at Winder-Barrow High School reported his Apple air pods were stolen from the boys’ locker room. He said they were taken from his charging case.

•A man said he had had power of attorney for his father since February 2018. He said a relative had withdrawn $157,000 from his father’s account in September 2017.

•An entering auto call was made at a Commerce Court business the same night that entering auto calls were made at North Oconee High School and a different business. Credit cards and a Springfield 9 mm handgun were reported stolen. Another call about entering an auto was made at the first business where a Chromebook and laptop bag were reported taken. Windows were broken in several of the vehicles. A purse and wallet were taken in another entering auto theft and the rear passenger window was broken. The entering auto complaints were Aug. 13.

•A woman on Dunahoo Road, Winder, was arrested for criminal trespass after she was putting her brother’s belongings outside the house. Barbara Finch Weaver, no age given, 515 Dunahoo Rd., Winder, was charged. Both agreed he was living in the house, paying rent and she was upset because he did not help keep the house clean.

•A Duluth man was arrested for driving on a suspended license and failure to register a vehicle after a traffic stop on Covenant Court. Gregory Anthony Collier, no age given, 3740 Club Dr., Duluth, was charged. He had three $100 bills in the center console that were fake. He said the bills were used for a dice game in Eatonton. They had “copy” printed on the back.

•A woman on Thorn Brook Circle, Bethlehem, said she loaned her car to a woman about 3 p.m. Aug. 12 with the agreement that it would be returned by 9 p.m. It was not returned and the woman who had it did not respond.

•A woman on Marigot Way in Statham said her daughter was in a fight on a school bus at Bear Creek Middle School and her daughter said the bus driver separated the girls but did not tell anyone at the school about the incident.

•A Monroe man said a pickup truck drove onto his property and stole gas from a generator on Cedar Creek Road, Winder. He said he uses the generator in his business.

•A woman on Woodview Drive, Winder, said two Cracker Barrel gift cards and eight hydrocodone pills were taken from her house.

•A woman at Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Barrow said she went to buy marijuana from a man and another man got in her car at the intersection, pulled a gun on her when she gave him $80 and hit her with the gun on the left side of her forehead. A deputy said he got “the truthful story out of (her) after interviewing her multiple times.”

•A business on Highway 211 NW reported an armed robbery Aug. 11 in which $440 was taken. An employee said two men came into the business. One had a knife. The money was in an envelope that the woman had dropped on the ground.

•A Winder woman faced charges after she was arrested at the Barrow County jail when methamphetamine was discovered in her pants pocket while she was being searched on a charge of shoplifting. Nikki Irene Gee, no age given, 810 Eastmont Rd., Winder, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and crossing guard lines of a correctional facility with weapons, intoxicants or drugs. Earlier, Gee was charged with the shoplifting when an employee said she saw her putting items into bags she did not pay for.

•A man with active warrants was reported to be “causing issues” at an Argonne Road, Winder, trailer. The man left before deputies arrived. People at the scene said the man said there “would be a fight” later. A man at the trailer said he was scared of the man who left because he had a “reputation” of being a gang member.

•An Auburn man was charged with possession of methamphetamine after a traffic stop on Edgar Road at Atlanta Highway SE, Winder. Michael Wayne Puckett, no age given, 987 Dee Kennedy Rd., Auburn, was arrested. Methamphetamine and a scale were found in the van driven by Puckett.

•A man on Christmas Avenue, Bethlehem, said a Mustang passed him, later was stuck between two vehicles and the driver held a pistol “out the window, waving it around.”

•A Winder woman faces four traffic violations after a traffic stop on Parkview Drive. Gladys Juarez, no age given, 290 Turtle Creek Dr., Winder, was charged with two counts of driving under the influence and endangering a child under 14, driving under the influence-alcohol-less safe and failure to maintain a lane.

•A 2017 Kia that was reported stolen in Columbus was found on the Carl Bethlehem Rd. and was abandoned.

•Two men reported they were going to repossess a Ford Econoline van on Hardigree Road and the couple who had it threatened to shoot anyone who came on the property. One of the two men who were there for the van said when he told the couple why they were there “all hell broke loose.”

•A woman on Michael Drive said she received an email on a Young Harris college account saying a woman needed a dog sitter. She said she “never met” or “spoke to anyone,” but a man “needed a money order” because he was moving and she got a check for $2,000. She deposited it and sent two separate money orders to Indianapolis for the $2,000. She was soon notified the check was no good but the money orders had been cashed.

•A woman who was arrested for probation violation said a Ford F-150 was missing when she got out of jail. She charged her boyfriend with taking it without her permission, but he also was in jail in Gwinnett County. He was arrested July 2 and was still in jail Aug. 9.

•A man walking near Highway 211 and Dooley Town Road was charged with giving a false name and birthdate to a law enforcement officer and held on a warrant from Carroll County. Robert Ryan Holt, no age given, 532 Hemlock Dr., Winder, also was charged with possession of methamphetamine. He first said he was Michael Holt.

•A man and woman were held on active warrants after a traffic stop on East May Street, Winder. Terry Sue Turpin, no age given, 31 E. May St., and Troy Shane Thompson, same address, were held. Thompson also was cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and knowingly driving a vehicle with suspended registration. Marijuana was found in the pickup truck.

•An Auburn woman said she hired a man to cut a tree off of her house and a neighbor’s house. She gave him a credit card and he charged $500. He said a couple hours later that the charge did not go through and asked for the card again. He said again, $450, and did not finish the work.

•A man on Woodland Road, Auburn, said between Aug. 2 and 7 someone took about $7,733 worth of tools from a shed on his property. He said he was moving to Hartwell and he found the side door broken and part of it in the floor. A pressure washer, portable Spartan Cadet jetter and Spartan Model 100 sewer machine were the most expensive items taken.

•A man on Atlanta Highway said his landlord found a Smith and Wesson MP9 Shield semi-automatic pistol that had been reported stolen in Barrow County in 2017. The gun was found behind the front driver's side tire of a bus parked on the property.

•Two women on Kilcrease Road, Auburn, said they went to the house to get some items belonging to one woman’s ex-boyfriend and were threatened by the man at the house. The woman got a couple of items when a deputy went to the house and stayed there while they got them.

•A family dispute that involved an “app” on the phone that functions like a Western-Union “to send cash between phones” resulted in money being stolen from a father and son. Another son admitted to taking the money.

•A man on Dooley Town Road said someone used his credit card and personal information to make online purchases. Other attempts for purchases were declined. His bank told him his card had been used at and attempted to be used at He said he also got a thank you from Champs Sports about an online purchase that he did not make.

•A Winder man said his credit report showed a delinquent Cox Communication account from Macon. He said he has not lived in Macon and has not had a Cox Communication account.

•A Winder man said his wallet was stolen from his car while it was in a business parking lot. He said it had his birth certificate, a Social Security card, debit card and one ID card.

•A man on Freeman Johnson Road said a Ryobi leaf blower and weed eater were missing from a shed where the padlock also was missing.

•A Dacula woman was charged with traffic violations, including a DUI-drugs charge, after a traffic stop at Rockwell Church Road and Laurel Lane. Brittany Elyse Major, 1935 Lee Patrick Dr., Dacula, also was arrested for failure to maintain lane and seat belts violation (adults).

•A woman reported her daughter had made “multiple unauthorized transactions in Winder, Auburn and Barrow County within the past few months. The woman gave her daughter the debit card but only for her rent and phone bill.

•An Auburn man was charged with theft by taking after he was found taking aluminum poles off his truck. When he was arrested, he said he needed a rape kit test and accused the deputy of raping him. He later recanted that charge. Andrew Joseph Mann, 29 Main St., Auburn, was arrested.

•A Bethlehem man was charged with aggravated assault after he was accused of hitting a man in the head with a baseball bat. Billy Wayne Schandera, no age given, 753 Judea St., Bethlehem, was arrested. He said the injury happened earlier when the man “was coming at him,” he picked up the bat and hit him in the head. Another man said both men had been drinking.

•A Winder woman was held on a Winder police warrant and was charged with criminal trespass after a dispute with her daughter. Ashley Ann Callahan, no age given, 689 Ode Peppers Rd., Winder was arrested. A deputy found a smoking device and plastic bag with minimal residue when a bathroom was searched.

•A Winder woman said she was scammed out of $500 when she tried to buy a puppy online. The company said it needed more money because there was an “issue” with the crate.

•A Duluth man was charged with multiple violations after a traffic stop on Highway 316 for speeding. Kenny James Cauthen, no age given, 923 Preston Park Dr., Duluth, was arrested for two counts of possession of a schedule I controlled substance, DUI-alcohol-less safe, open container violation and speeding. A deputy said Cauthen’s Toyota Rav4 was going 87 mph in a 65-mph zone.

•A woman was arrested for pedestrian under the influence when she was found walking on the wrong side of Highway 211. Erin Michelle Parker, no age given, 980 Pineglen Dr., Forest Park, was arrested after she told a deputy she was drunk.

•An Infiniti left the road on Highway 82, hit another vehicle sideways, went through a fence, continued across a field, went through the opposite fence, hit a corner of the house on the property and hit a homemade utility trailer, coming to a stop behind the house. The car had just entered Barrow County from Jackson County. A man who said he was a passenger in the car returned later and said the driver offered him a ride to Athens from Arcade. Damage to the fences were about $1,000 and to the house, another $1,000.

•An Athens woman was charged with theft by shoplifting at Walmart on Atlanta Highway when employees said she scanned some items and not others. Jamie Cornelius Jackson, no age given, 113 Lake Ct., Athens, was arrested.

•A Winder man was charged with DUI-alcohol-less safe, knowingly driving a vehicle on a suspended registration and improper stopping on a road after a traffic stop near Bill Rutledge and Patrick Mill roads. David Wayne Pearce, no age given, 1525 Farmington Way, Winder, was arrested. He was found asleep in his vehicle in the intersection.

•A Marietta man was arrested after following a former girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Baron Sajuna Thompson, no age given, 1400 Roberta Dr., Marietta, was charged with criminal trespass-family violence, stalking-family violence and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Thompson had a Sig Sauer Model SP 2202 handgun. He followed the couple to a restaurant in Bethlehem and followed them when they left.

•A Winder woman was charged with four violations after a domestic argument at a house on Treemont Way. Jennifer Wood-Culpepper, no age given, 108 Treemont Way, Winder, was arrested for criminal trespass-family violence, simple battery-family violence, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers and disorderly conduct. She was arrested after an argument with her husband.


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