The following recent incidents were among those that the Winder Police Department responded to.

•A woman reported Dec. 22 that on Dec. 18 she had been struck by a red SUV that was backing out of a parking spot at a West May Street business, knocking her over and causing her to briefly lose consciousness. She said a Black female exited the vehicle to check on her, picked up the victim’s phone and put her number in it and left. Later that day, the woman called to check up on her. The victim went to a hospital the next day and was diagnosed with a concussion and neck swelling. She could not reach the female driver about medical expenses. A manager at the store told police the women came to a mutual agreement and neither contacted 911. The phone number showed a female’s name and traced back to a man at a Searchlight Drive address. A red Suzuki SUV was found in the driveway. When questioned by police, the man said he was unaware that his wife had been involved in an accident, but that she drove a red Toyota Rav4 and was at work.

•A stolen vehicle out of Polk County, North Carolina, was located on Nonsuch Way a little before 7:30 p.m. Dec. 22. No witnesses were located at surrounding residences, and the vehicle was taken to the police department headquarters for processing.

•A shoplifting warrant was issued for a Winder man who was spotted taking meat from Aldi on West May Street on Dec. 22.

•A South Carolina woman reported her vehicle, a Land Rover Range Rover, midnight blue in color with a South Carolina tag, had been stolen from the Exchange Apartments complex sometime between 8 p.m. Dec. 21 and 10 a.m. Dec. 22.

•A Braselton man was arrested for disorderly conduct Dec. 22 after he walked into the emergency room at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow “yelling about” his family leaving him and not being able to find his car keys.

•A man reported being scammed out of almost $1,000 while corresponding with someone he thought was a customer service representative for eBay after he did not receive a package he had ordered.

•A man was detained on an outstanding warrant out of Walton County on Dec. 20 when a car he was a passenger in was found parked after hours at Victor Lord Park.

•A Winder woman was arrested for battery Dec. 19 following a domestic dispute at a 3rd Avenue residence.

•A Winder man was arrested for false imprisonment Dec. 19 following a domestic dispute at a Pinkston Oaks Circle residence. The man and his wife had been in an argument about Christmas gifts for their children and refused to allow her to leave the house with them and go to a family member’s house.

•A Winder woman was arrested for driving with a suspended license Dec. 19 when she was stopped on Capitol Avenue for having an inoperative brake light.

•A woman reported being scammed out of $500 by a “Candice Santos” whom she thought she was purchasing a PlayStation from over an app.

•A woman reported that someone unlawfully and without her permission used her name and address on a car title. A man in New York contacted her saying he had purchased a vehicle from an “El Lloyd” and needed a copy of the most recent title for a 2019 Ford Edge. The woman had never owned a Ford Edge nor been to New York.

•A woman at a Harrison Lane residence reported Dec. 19 that her mailbox had been damaged and a black glove and two pairs of handcuffs had been found in the middle of the road.

•A Winder woman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (less safe) following a traffic accident on North Broad Street near West Wright Street around 7:30 a.m. Dec. 19.

•A Bethlehem woman was arrested on a failure to appear warrant out of Barrow County on Dec. 19 after a report of a dispute at a Martin Luther King Jr. Drive residence.

•A Winder man was arrested for driving with a suspended license Dec. 18 following a traffic stop at Captain D’s on East May Street.

•A woman at Aldi on West May Street reported that a tan Ford Expedition struck her vehicle while cutting through the parking lot a little before 7 p.m. Dec. 18.

•A man reported that a tractor trailer struck his vehicle at the intersection of North Broad and East May streets around 3:30 p.m. Dec. 18, damaging his taillight, and kept traveling east on East May Street. Two witnesses described the vehicle as having a white cab and hauling multiple orange tractors. One of the witnesses followed the vehicle, which turned off East May Street onto Monroe Highway and later crossed State Route 316.

•A Winder man was arrested for reckless conduct and simple battery Dec. 18 following a domestic dispute at a Langford Street residence during which he shoved his fiancée during an argument and backed his vehicle over her daughter’s foot while leaving.

•A woman reported Dec. 18 that someone had broken into a home she owns on Mary Alice Drive by kicking in the basement door. Nothing was reported missing from the home.

•A man reported being scammed out of almost $6,000 when he received an email Dec. 17 telling him he had been charged $199.99 for “Defender Firewall” software, a transaction he had not approved. He called a number attached to the email and was told by a male subject to download “AnyNet,” which allowed the male to gain access to his computer. The male gained access to the man’s bank account and money and told the victim he would need to purchase Best Buy gift cards in order to get his money back. The male had nearly emptied the bank account.

•A Dacula man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (less safe) and driving with a suspended license following a traffic stop in the area of West May and Horton streets around 2 p.m. Dec. 17 after police received an alert about a reckless driver in the area.

•A Winder man reported being scammed out of $800 when he found a home through Facebook Marketplace to rent in Lawrenceville. He thought he had agreed to rent the home for $1,000 a month and was instructed by who he thought was the landlord to purchase $800 in Amazon gift cards and send them. The real landlord later contacted him about his interest in the property and told him the rent was $1,795 per month.

•A woman at a Church Street residence reported that someone had entered her vehicle, which she said she had locked, sometime between 9 p.m. Dec. 16 and 4:15 a.m. Dec. 17 and stolen a cell phone charger, a bottle of perfume, a pair of gold earrings shaped like lightning bolts and a prescription pill bottle.

•A man reported Dec. 17 that two stop signs in the area of Williamson and Capitol avenues had been “tagged” with graffiti, and a “no loitering” sign on a store in the neighborhood had been tagged with anti-police messaging.

•A Sylvester woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Henry County on Dec. 16 after her vehicle was spotted with its hazard lights on and blocking the entrance from South Broad Street into the Burger King parking lot.


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