A Winder woman called police after receiving several messages in which another woman threatened to “whoop” her and her “crazy” friends.

According to the complainant, the woman had sent several messages throughout the day. The complainant was unable to show the responding officer the messages because she had allegedly deleted them from her phone. The complainant said she had no idea why the other woman was threatening her since she “didn’t really have a whole lot to do” with her. The complainant asked the officer to speak with the other woman and ask her to stop sending text messages.

When the officer contacted the other woman and advised her of the complaint, the other woman said she was simply responding to texts she had received from the complainant. Unlike the complainant, the woman had saved all of the text messages she had received from “Poochie” and drove to the police department to meet with the officer.

Upon her arrival at police headquarters, the woman allowed the officer to see the messages stored in her phone. In the messages, the complainant called the woman “crazy,” “dumb” and several other pejorative terms. No further action was taken at the time of the report.

Other recent incidents investigated by Winder Police include: •theft by taking on East Wright Street. An air conditioning unit was reported stolen.

•agency assist on Capital Avenue. Winder officers responded after Barrow County Sheriff deputies located an aggravated assault suspect at an apartment complex in the city.

•agency assist on Georgia Avenue. Firefighters requested an officer respond to a home after discovering the resident was burning prohibited items in violation of his burn permit.

•runaway on Capital Avenue. A caretaker reported that a 56-year-old male patient had left the premises during the night. The male was later discovered at a relative’s home.

•damage to property on North Fifth Avenue. A concession stand door at Winder-Barrow High School was damaged after someone attempted to gain access to the building by prying open the door.

•damage to property on Atlanta Avenue. A real estate agent said she believes someone burglarized an apartment to escape the cold after finding the door had been kicked open and the heat turned on inside the unit.

•damage to property on King Street. Witnesses reported seeing a gray compact vehicle leave the roadway and strike a mailbox. The damage to the mailbox was estimated at $140.

•shoplifting on West Athens Street. An 18-year-old female was issued a citation and barred from a local store after stealing cough syrup and an energy drink.

•criminal trespass on West Athens Street. A fiberglass business sign was reported broken. The cost to replace the sign was estimated at $300.

•missing adult on N. Broad Street. A man who had been reported missing was located in a psychiatric facility.

•theft by taking on Highland Drive. A woman reported her wallet had been stolen but was unsure when or how it was taken.

•refusal to leave on Ashwood Drive. A dispute turned physical when a man was asked to leave a residence. Due to conflicting witness statements, no charges were filed.

•found license plate on South Broad Street. A woman turned in a plate, Georgia tag BNH8645, which her father had found in the roadway near the intersection of S. Broad Street and Lee Street.

•hit and run on West Athens Street. A woman said her vehicle was hit while she was eating lunch with her boyfriend. When the woman returned to her vehicle, she noticed a large dent on the front right quarter panel.

•theft on East Athens Street. A store owner discovered several items missing from her store after finding the front door unlocked. There was no sign of forced entry.

•damage to property on West May Street. An elderly female crashed into the side of a building. The woman said she was attempting to pull into a parking spot when her Toyota Corolla jumped the curb and hit the building. The woman believes she may have hit the gas instead of the brake.

•terroristic threats on Howard Circle. A man threatened to assault an employee if the employee did not bring certain work-related items to his house by a set deadline. The employee said he no longer wished to work for the man and only wanted to be paid what he was owed. The officer suggested the employee meet his employer in a public place to return the items and collect his paycheck.

•entering auto on Dreamland Court. A handgun and several tools were stolen out of an unlocked truck.

•entering auto on Harpy Eagle Drive. An owner’s manual was stolen out of an unlocked 2008 Pontiac Solstice.

•damage to property on King Street. A delivery truck backed into a pole at Winder Barrow Middle School causing an unspecified amount of damage.

•dispute on East Wright Street. A woman called police after a dispute with a male acquaintance. The woman said the man spit in her face after she called him a pejorative term for females. The woman admitted spitting at the male after he spat at her. Attempts to make contact with the male were unsuccessful.

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