William Wright

William Wright

William Wright, Barrow County Emergency Services 911 manager, has been selected to be on the Intrado’s Inaugural Emergency Communications Advisory Board.

The national board brings together a select group of Public Safety Professionals to share ideas and input to help guide the innovation within Intrado, according to a news release.

“I am honored to be a part of this advisory board as we work to bring technological advancement to our emergency communication systems,” said Wright. “This also allows me to network with public safety professionals from around the nation.”

Intrado is an international communication business located in Omaha, Neb. The company works to deliver technology solutions and services that provide the critical link between the public and public safety. Its website states that “Everything that happens after a 911 call is placed — the call routing and delivery, location determination, data management and situational data — that’s us. It’s essential that we execute flawlessly because every call must get through and seconds save lives.”

Wright will participate in quarterly meetings that occur both online and in person and will have access to previews of the newest technology, peer collaboration and more. Being selected as part of this national advisory board will help Barrow County Emergency Services stay on the “cutting edge” of emergency communications, leaders said.

Wright also serves on the Georgia Emergency Communication Authority that was created in 2018. Wright was appointed by the governor to the board of directors and serves as the secretary of the board. The mission of the Georgia Emergency Communications Authority is to “facilitate the effective and efficient operation of 911 and emergency communications across the state, with the vision to be the No. 1 state in the nation for innovation in training, technology, and standards for 911 and emergency communications.”

“William Wright being placed on the national advisory board shows that Barrow County Emergency Services is recognized all over for the high-quality personnel and programs we have here and I am proud of him for being selected,” said BCES Chief Alan Shuman. “This department boasts international, national and state award-winning programs, we have personnel representing us on state and national boards and also state and local award-winning personnel. We have some high-quality personnel who are being recognized in many different areas for their knowledge and dedication.

“This is what makes Barrow County Emergency Services one of the greatest places to work. The men and women are some of the best anywhere and they are being recognized for it.”


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