Pictured, from left to right, are Joylena Taveras, Betsy Mancillas, Zoie Tisdale, Liviya Hill, Que Durden and Brooke Dover.

Five Apalachee High School SkillsUSA members, along with advisor Amanda Pugh, attended the SkillsUSA Georgia Fall Leadership Conference at the FFA/FCCLA Camp in Covington from Oct. 29-30.

The SkillsUSA Georgia Fall Leadership Conference is designed to build a rapport between chapter members within and between chapters while also affording students the opportunity to gain leadership skills that will allow them to lead their chapter through their program of work over the course of the school year.

All students attended a general opening session and six leadership sessions that focused on enhancing their leadership and personal skills. With limited Wi-Fi access, the Fall Leadership Conference was the perfect opportunity to build relationships.

In addition to excellent leadership training, students competed in the following competitions: SkillsUSA Georgia Statesman Award (Liviya Hill, Betsy Mancillas, Brooke Dover and Zoie Tisdale); SkillsUSA Georgia Framework Brochure Contest (Betsy Mancillas); SkillsUSA Georgia Framework Display Contest (Liviya Hill and Zoie Tisdale); SkillsUSA Georgia Framework Poster Contest (Betsy Mancillas and Brooke Dover).

AHS alum and former SkillsUSA Georgia Vice President Que Durden taught leadership classes at the fall conference.


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