The following area students earned academic honors at Georgia State University for the spring 2020 semester. Those on the President’s List had a grade-point average of 4.0, while those on the Dean’s List had a GPA of 3.5 or higher.


•Ana Pedraza-Gomez of Winder

•Amaya Ramey of Bethlehem

•Angela Burke-Wylie of Auburn

•Alexis Henderson of Hoschton

•Claudia Ranete of Winder

•Dominique Viard of Winder

•Derrick Villalba of Hoschton

•Elaina Bristol of Braselton

•Ella Simm of Braselton

•Francine Ichim of Hoschton

•Gloria Cudd of Braselton

•Hakeeyia Green of Hoschton

•Helen Wells of Auburn

•Jaylen Cidey of Winder

•Janelle James of Auburn

•John Keeton of Auburn

•Cameron Lackey of Winder

•Katie Burkholder of Braselton

•Katherine French of Braselton

•Kristen Brown of Hoschton

•Lauren Henares of Winder

•Madeline Alderman of Hoschton

•Marissa Dutton of Braselton

•Maritza Martinez of Hoschton

•Morgan Mccree of Auburn

•Molly Pass of Braselton

•Micayla St. Aude of Hoschton

•Noah Kitchens of Braselton

•Pablo Martinez of Bethlehem

•Steven Jurczak of Bethlehem

•Savannah Martin of Hoschton

•Sangha Park of Winder

•Scenarious Thurmond of Statham

•Tedrin Laguins of Winder

•Winston Young of Bethlehem.


•Angelina Alungulesei of Auburn

•Janette Anguiano of Winder

•Juandiego Benjumea of Winder

•Haylee Blanton of Auburn

•Emmeline Bolling of Braselton

•Cooper Bowen of Braselton

•Haley Bramlett of Winder

•Morgan Bright of Auburn

•Audrey Bryan of Bethlehem

•Aaron Cabe of Braselton

•Avelino Ceron of Winder

•Kaytiea Davenport of Statham

•Autumn Ford of Winder

•Luis Garcia of Braselton

•Zachary Grant of Hoschton

•Alen Hamidovic of Auburn

•Rebekah Haynes of Auburn

•Holly Hughes of Hoschton

•Juan Ibarra of Braselton

•Jayla Jackson of Hoschton

•Leonard Johnson of Auburn

•Shelby Kieler of Statham

•Gabrielle Kinnell of Winder

•Emmanuel Komolafe of Bethlehem

•Courtney Lawrence of Auburn

•Nikko Lee of Hoschton

•Alexe Lopez of Bethlehem

•Jessica Martinez of Hoschton

•Andrew Monsalve of Auburn

•Tyler Moore of Braselton

•Olivia Nash of Auburn

•Hamza Omer of Auburn

•Rachel Oswell of Winder

•Elishama Owusu Kyereko of Auburn

•Anushka Patel of Auburn

•Angelina Pazmino of Auburn

•Julia Peake of Winder

•Leo Penn of Auburn

•Julia Richards of Braselton

•Courtney Rink of Bethlehem

•Hugo Saldana of Winder

•Clayton Schuetz of Braselton

•Ryed Shakeel of Auburn

•Kevin Shay of Hoschton

•Hana Sheriff of Hoschton

•Timothy Shin of Hoschton

•Anibal Trujillo of Hoschton

•Kylie Turner of Bethlehem

•Faith Udokang of Auburn

•Alexandra Vazquez Melendez of Hoschton

•Charlene Washington of Winder

•Zachary Wolf of Statham

•Charon Woody of Winder

•Caroline Youngblood of Hoschton

•Jaylene Zapata of Braselton.


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