The following area students were named to the President’s List (4.0 grade-point average) or Dean’s List (3.5 GPA and higher) for the summer 2019 semester at Georgia State University.


•Elder Alcantara Quintana of Hoschton

•Janette Anguiano of Winder

•Kristen Brown of Hoschton

•Emily Dailey of Bethlehem

•Noah Davis of Braselton

•Eugeniu Dodita of Auburn

•Kate Dryden of Hoschton

•Anthony Ford of Winder

•Noelle Higgins of Auburn

•Steven Jurczak of Bethlehem

•Deara Lee of Auburn

•Anastasia Moore of Auburn

•Ana Pedraza-Gomez of Winder

•Clayton Schuetz of Braselton

•Kevin Shay of Hoschton

•Corin Sutter of Hoschton

•Darryl Taylor of Hoschton

•Gabrielle Viard of Winder

•Derrick Villalba of Hoschton

•Roda Yusuf of Bethlehem


•Vincent Arizechi of Auburn

•Cassidy Bonds of Winder

•Michael Cody of Hoschton

•Brenda Cruz of Winder

•Juan Ibarra of Braselton

•John Keeton of Auburn

•Gabrielle Kinnell of Winder

•Erica Lee of Bethlehem

•Alexe Lopez of Bethlehem

•Julia Richards of Braselton

•Ryed Shakeel of Auburn

•Savannah Sims of Hoschton

•Faith Udokang of Auburn

•Jesenda Villarreal of Hoschton.


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