Note from the Barrow County School System: The Partners in Education program is a voluntary and collaborative relationship between an organization and the Barrow County School System. Thank you to The Barrow News-Journal for enabling us to celebrate each of our district partners and the investment they are making in our school system.

Bethlehem Church officially signed on as a District Partner in Education with the Barrow County School System in the fall of 2019. Their “three C’s” of “Community, Connection and Care” have been the pillars to building strong partnerships with every school and program in Barrow County. However, the church members truly stepped up to support our schools in a way that we never imagined. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of Barrow school buildings in March, it was the servant leadership of Bethlehem Church who immediately volunteered to organize, coordinate and recruit an army of volunteers to deliver BCSS meal bags to Barrow households from March through May. This was a massive undertaking of taking orders online, coordinating the number of meals needed from school cafeterias, and organizing volunteer drivers and eventually bus routes. It was an amazing effort every day by dozens of church members and volunteers in collaboration with the school system to feed Barrow students. 

At this same time, Bethlehem Church activated another strong partnership with New Path 1010, BCSS Feeding Barrow, and the Brad Akins YMCA to host weekly mobile food pantries for Barrow students and families from April through July. Thousands of families were served in the mobile food pantries. In a time of disruption and need, we have seen our community come together like never before. 

For this school year, Bethlehem Church recognized the uncertainty and challenges of teaching and learning in a pandemic. They started off the year with two uplifting initiatives promoting student success and BCSS staff appreciation. In conjunction with Barrow Family Connection, Bethlehem Church hosted the Aug. 1st Back-to-School Bash, and their members provided 900 backpacks filled with supplies that were given to BCSS students. Only two days later, Bethlehem Church encouraged 1,800-plus BCSS teachers and staff by gifting them with travel size “BEST YEAR YET!” hand sanitizers and cookies.

“Thank you, Bethlehem Church, for turning your three C’s into action in such a positive and impactful way for the school system,” school officials said.


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