Note from the Barrow County School System: The Partners in Education program is a voluntary and collaborative relationship between an organization and the Barrow County School System. Thank you to The Barrow News-Journal for enabling us to celebrate each of our district partners and the investment they are making in our school system.

Georgia Power not only powers our homes and businesses, but they also power the next generation of scientists, engineers, linemen and other in-demand careers through their strong partnership with the Barrow County School System.

Barrow students are a beneficiary of Georgia Power’s commitment to improving and strengthening local communities. Georgia Power has invested funds and dedicated time to a variety of initiatives in Barrow County and throughout the state.

Georgia Power has developed as a free resource to provide engaging, educational lessons for teachers to utilize with students of all ages. Georgia Power has also sponsored YouScience, a free aptitude, interest and career discovery tool, which makes it available to BCSS schools and students for free.

Georgia Power sponsors classroom needs and extracurricular activities in a number of our schools and programs. Lee Bane, BCSS Director of Innovative Learning remarked, “Georgia Power and the Georgia Power Foundation has been an exceptionally dependable partner for the district’s innovative programs for many years, stepping up time and time again in support of our Science and Engineering Fair, robotics programs and much more. Their impact on our Barrow BOLD education has been extraordinary.”

Georgia Power not only powers our schools, businesses and community, but helps electrify the next generation of tomorrow’s STEM workforce. From teaching energy lessons in elementary classrooms to organizing a manufacturing speaker panel to talk about careers, our local Georgia Power representatives dedicate their time to our students. Angela Haun has most recently worked with the Barrow community and schools. Under her leadership, the Barrow Chamber of Commerce will be launching a Youth Leadership Barrow program in the fall of 2021 designed specifically for high school students. Each year, Haun also interviews students in mock interviews, participates as a judge in the Science and Engineering Fair and serves on the Sims Academy board of directors.

Georgia Power representatives continually search for new avenues of involvement to support BCSS families. Since serving the community is central for Georgia Power, they have generously committed to providing one of the 30,000-pound mobile food pantry trucks at Holly Hill Mall during January 2021.

Thank you to Georgia Power for supporting educational initiatives to help students build brighter futures!


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