Note from the Barrow County School System: The Partners in Education program is a voluntary and collaborative relationship between an organization and the Barrow County School System. Thank you to The Barrow News-Journal for enabling us to celebrate each of our district partners and the investment they are making in our school system.

As a District Partner in Education for the past three years, Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow not only improves the health and quality of life of Barrow County students and educators but also provides a national, award-winning hospital that nurtures our community.

Throughout the partnership, NGMC Barrow has generously provided supplies and equipment for every BCSS school clinic in the district. Through the clinic sponsorship, over 14,000 students and 2,000 BCSS staff members are served each school year.

For our Partners in Education, we always strive to have a win-win partnership. This spring, BCSS was thankful to be able to give back to NGMC to provide personal protective equipment to hospital staff when supplies were limited. Through the OSMS-Barrow project, a group of teachers used school 3-D printers to produce 330 reusable face masks and face shields for health care workers.

In June, NGMC Barrow brought the Northeast Georgia Health System’s SafeKids program to Barrow to help make our kids safer. Their volunteers distributed bike helmets at two schools during the BCSS June Meal bag distribution so families could easily drive through to participate. SafeKids distributed more than 300 free bicycle helmets to Barrow children.

BCSS looks forward to partnering with the hospital for the third year in a row to bring “Tar Wars,” the tobacco-free educational program, to all fourth- and fifth-grade students across the district. Thank you, Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow, for being our hometown hospital and supporting our community.


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