Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) awarded 10 six Barrow County middle school teachers $13,338 in “Bright Ideas” grants to fund innovative classroom projects.

Teachers awarded grants were:

•Ashley Bailey, Arts & Innovation Magnet Program, $1,880, for “Innovation Station: Robotics,” which uses LEGO robotics to teach engineering and technology.

•Angela Brown, Russell Middle School, $840 for “The Mean and Mad Scientist,” a cross-curriculum project where students will study water quality.

•Jennifer Deckard, Westside Middle School, $1,523 for “Let’s Get Digital, Physical,” which utilizes online gaming platforms to teach physical science.

•Katherine Huberty, Bear Creek Middle School, $664 for “Raised Gardens Beds,” a project that combines science, math and English courses for its Farm to School initiative.

•Ysheena Lyles, Barrow Arts & Sciences Academy, $1,262 for “The Bigger Picture,” which allows students to address sensitive societal issues through photography to create their own magazine.

•Donna Morris, Bear Creek Middle School, $1,620 for “Differentiated Digital Learning,” where students can translate their English Language Arts (ELA) skills into science.

•Tamra Morris, Westside Middle School, $1,265 for “Bridging the Gap Through Digital Microscopes,” where students will study labs in geology, biology and ecology.

•Nancy Murray, Haymon-Morris Middle School, $2,000 for “Pen Reader,” a project to help special needs students improve reading skills.

•Kellie Rutledge, Bear Creek Middle School, $1,935 for “Math Cam” document cameras for real-time math problem-solving for digital learners.

•Megan Scott, Russell Middle School, $349 for “Nearpod in Action,” which allows full engagement for digital learners.

In 2020, Jackson EMC awarded $64,000 in Bright Ideas grants to 47 teachers in 25 middle schools across its service area, according to a news release.

The Bright Ideas grant program awards up to $2,000 annually to middle school teachers in Jackson EMC’s service area to fund innovative classroom projects that would go unfunded otherwise.  An independent panel of judges evaluates the applications based on measurable goals and objectives, innovation, student involvement and implementation plans, according to the release.

For more information on the Jackson EMC Bright Ideas grant program, go to jacksonemc.com/brightideas.

Photos from the grant presentations can be found at https://jacksonemc.canto.com/b/LMFLV.


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