Barrow Arts and Sciences Academy art teacher Katie Eidson has a love and passion for art that transcends her high school art studio's four walls.

In addition to her duties as the 2-Dimension art instructor at BASA, she is the program manager for “Color the World Bright,” an organization dedicated to creating and restoring public murals to cultivate pride in local communities.

Color the World Bright is an extension of the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia and has murals stretching from Columbus up to Elberton. The most recent project led by Eidson and UGA professor of art Joseph Norman was in Griffin, a mural honoring the late Janet Harmon Bragg, a Griffin native who was the first African-American woman to obtain a commercial pilot’s license.

Eidson has worked with Color the World Bright since she was a student at UGA. She quickly made her way through the ranks and has managed the organization for the past two and a half years. When asked what fuels her passion for creating murals, she said, “Working on this from an artist’s perspective is fulfilling because you see the community come by to admire the artwork.”

Eidson is in the midst of her first year as a high school art instructor but has quickly made an impact on the BASA community, according to administrators.

“Ms. Eidson is well beyond her years as an educator,” assistant principal Lathan J. Pooser said. “Creatively, she can get her students to think beyond the classroom to explore their interests and abilities as artists.”

Just recently, Eidson organized a virtual learning excursion for her students to a mural development site. To prepare for the experience, the students learned the art history surrounding murals and how they impact the communities. Eidson utilized the online platform Google Meet to stream the mural development process for her students in real-time. Through Google Meet, she conducted live interviews with professional artists and masterclasses with her students on various painting techniques.

Her students are currently working on a mural project proposal to “bring life and color to” the BASA campus, administrators said.


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