Tammy Suertefelipe (middle), a high school English teacher at Bethlehem Christian Academy, was named a "Master Teacher" by the Georgia Independent School Association during a Nov. 15 conference. Suertefelipe is pictured with GISA vice president Stan Whitlock (left) and GISA president Jeff Jackson. 

The Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) named Tammy Suertefelipe, a high school English teacher at Bethlehem Christian Academy, as a GISA "Master Teacher" on Nov. 15 at the North GISA Conference.

GISA Master Teachers are recognized for "inspiring excellence in the classroom and in collaboration with colleagues," officials said in a news release. "At this conference, the (honorees) were recognized and received a plaque and pin to commemorate their hard work."

Suertefelipe was first nominated for consideration for the  award by BCA head of school Rhonda Whiting. She then completed a rigorous application process last spring, including a detailed portfolio of tangible classroom work, evidence of peer collaboration, unedited video instruction, and letters of recommendation from students, parents, colleagues and administrators.

"We are so pleased that the GISA has recognized the outstanding work of Mrs. Suertefelipe," Whiting said. "She is a committed educator and prepares our 12th-grade English students thoroughly for the rigors of College freshman English, as our alumni frequently share with us. She not only well-prepares her students; she also loves them like her own. A recent graduating class even gifted her a trip to England to visit a new grandbaby as an expression of their love and appreciation."


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