Bethlehem Christian Academy’s preschool and lower elementary school recently hosted a small-town community helpers’ fair in the hallways of the school. 

“Our preschool and lower elementary students have been studying community helpers,” said Lower Academy principal Denika Alston. “We all have important roles in our world that make our community better, and we invited our school family to participate in teaching our students about these roles.” 

Community helpers came dressed in uniform where appropriate and brought props to show the children what they do to help the community through their work. Students walked through the “town,” visiting each booth exhibition style.

“We are so thankful for those willing to share their stories with the hearts of our students who are dreaming and still discovering the Lord’s journey for their lives,” said Alston.

Participants included:

•Rachel Gribble, outbound sales for Mizuno USA

•Harold A Peace, flight paramedic

•Krista Dove, essential oil educator

•Henri Reid, licensed professional counselor

•Stan Jones, realtor

•Justin Guck, police officer

•Reade Milner, business owner (coach/consultant)

•Jennifer Zeigler, missionary advocate with a missions sending organization

•Mendi Budzileni, veterinarian

•Kevin Kennedy, Georgia Power lineman

•Megan DeLoach, 911 dispatcher

•Ryan Wagoner: firefighter/paramedic/driver engineer

•Jennifer Broun, Walton EMC

•Amy McElveen, school librarian

•Katherine Weaver, social worker.


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