Eighth-graders from Haymon-Morris Middle School toured downtown Winder sites including the Barrow County Museum during a Nov. 4 field trip.

The group gathered on the steps of the Barrow County Historic Courthouse for a group photo before dividing up into groups for visits to several places.

Inside the courtroom of the Historic Courthouse, Piedmont Judicial Circuit District Attorney Brad Smith spoke to students about how the court system works and how people interact with the law.

Students discovered more about local history while completing a scavenger hunt through the Barrow County Museum, located in the historic county jail.

They were assisted by museum volunteers and Barrow County Historical Society trustees in locating exhibits to find answers to questions about early inhabitants of the area, a product for which Winder was well known for between 1930 and 1970 and the Barrow Countian whose impact is nationally known.

Superior Court Judge Wayne McLocklin also stopped by the museum during the tours.

At the Winder Fire Department, fire officials shared information about fire safety and discussed employment opportunities in the fire department.

In addition, students enjoyed eating lunch at several local restaurants.

Haymon-Morris Middle School teacher Heather Burch asked students about the experience and was met with several responses.

“I found the Winder Walking Tour very fun. Walking around with my friends who aren’t in my classes was great and I got to know them a bit more,” said Marti Tucker.

Student Georgia Cox said, “I really liked the Winder Walking Tour because I got to learn new things about the city I live in.”

For Chloe Frailley, the day was fun and interesting.

“Our tour guides were very attentive, and I learned more than I thought I would,” Frailley said.

Alex Sales agreed: “I learned a lot about how Winder was created.”

Learning about the history of Winder and Barrow County was a fun learning experience which Haymon-Morris eighth-graders generally undertake each year.

In previous years, some elementary students took a museum field trip.

Gabriel Whyte said the field trip “helped me learn more about history. It gave me a visual point just seeing how it was back then and being there to see what tools they used. It was fun to learn more about firefighters and courts that I didn’t know about.”

For Isaac Xiong, “My favorite part was the scavenger hunt at the Museum. It was entertaining to learn the history around Winder.”

Josh Shierling was also intrigued by the museum’s contents.

“I enjoyed seeing the World War II uniforms and gear in the museum,” he said.

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