Spring commencement services were held May 14 for the first-ever graduating class of Piedmont University. Piedmont officially changed its name from Piedmont College to Piedmont University in April. Local graduates included:

•Tanner Sauls of Winder

•Garrett Stafford of Bethlehem

•Jenna Wendel of Braselton

•Abbey Arnold of Auburn

•William Johnston of Hoschton

•Samantha Crawford of Auburn

•Macey Higgins of Braselton.

The following students were named Dean’s Scholars at Piedmont this spring after achieving a grade-point average of 4.0:

•Cheryl Darnell of Bethlehem

•Zackary Evans of Braselton

•Danette Jester of Winder

•Nicholas Klein of Winder

•Tanner Sauls of Winder

•Garrett Stafford of Bethlehem

•Constance Tatom of Winder

•Georgia Weinhart of Hoschton

•Jenna Wendel of Braselton

•Leah Zavadil of Bethlehem.

The following students made the Dean’s List at Piedmont with a GPA of at least 3.5:

•Sarah Bittner of Winder

•Allison Cole of Auburn

•Samantha Crawford of Auburn

•Madison Gott of Hoschton

•Jaycie Ponce of Hoschton

•Tanya Schwab of Braselton

•Rorie Taylor of Winder

•Brittany Vang of Winder

•Sasha Whitehead of Winder

•Morgan Wiley of Hoschton

•Laura Zwemke of Hoschton.


Local students who made the President’s List at Southern New Hampshire University with a GPA of at least 3.7 for the “winter” 2021 term (January through May) included:

•Kiana Anthony of Bethlehem

•Gregory Haley of Auburn

•Kerrian Offermann of Winder

•Rose-Marie Stevenson of Auburn

•Victoria Parker of Hoschton

•Justin Smith of Bethlehem

•Michael Neely of Hoschton

•Christopher Berryman of Bethlehem

•Jordan Connell of Winder

Students who made the Dean’s List at SNHU with a GPA of at least 3.5 included:

•Soleen Hughes of Auburn

•Erikka Hart of Hoschton.


More than 70 University of North Georgia (UNG) cadets were presented with scholarships and awards at ceremonies held this spring.

Those included:

•Carson Hager of Braselton, who earned the 1LT Weston Lee Memorial Scholarship

•Jacob Hughes of Bethlehem, who earned the NGC Eagle Fund Scholarship.


Brian Martin of Statham made the spring President’s List at Georgia Southwestern State University by earning a 4.0 GPA. Bradley Martin of Winder made the Dean’s List at the school by earning a GPA of at least 3.5.


The following students made the Dean’s List at Berry College this spring with a GPA of at least 3.5:

•Victoria Johnson of Bethlehem

•Mariam Salinas of Winder

•Shelby Scroggs of Auburn

•William Warbington of Auburn.

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