The following local students earned a 4.0 grade-point average and were named to the President’s List at Kennesaw State University for the fall 2019 semester:

•Bradley Pendley of Winder

•Julia Wesley of Hoschton

•Emily Donnelly of Hoschton

•Tyler Stoney of Winder

•Faith Najfus of Auburn

•Jennifer Kaminski of Winder

•Justin Masters of Auburn

•Jean Rodriguez of Auburn

•Alan Ramirez Moreno of Winder

•Albert Andersen of Braselton

•Kyle Cangelosi of Hoschton

•Steve Marin of Braselton

•Cory Godfrey of Braselton

•Lacey Harper of Auburn

•Leshon Richardson of Winder

•Nathaniel Hughes of Hoschton

•Madeline Armour of Winder

•Kayci St. Clair of Winder

•Isabella Giordano of Hoschton

•Christian Kilgore of Statham

•Maxwell Pentecost of Winder.


The following students earned a GPA of at least 3.5 and were named to the Dean’s List:

•Brianna Grubbs of Hoschton

•Madison Walters of Auburn

•Chloe Thayer of Braselton

•Noah Avrett of Hoschton

•Chandler Saine of Hoschton

•Nakia Abdul of Bethlehem

•Savannah Glover of Hoschton

•Caroline Anthony of Hoschton

•Andrew Reichart of Hoschton

•Mark Hernandez of Hoschton

•Kaleigh Davidson of Hoschton

•Elora Rozon of Hoschton

•Marlaysia Tucker of Auburn

•Kayla Fleming of Braselton

•Matthew Parker of Statham

•Joel Bell of Braselton

•Jacob Poole of Hoschton

•Brendan Driscoll of Hoschton

•John Finkenbinder of Braselton

•Patrick Klein of Winder

•Ronald Utreras of Auburn

•Rozzie Johnson of Statham

•Yuriy Onufriychuk of Hoschton

•Remy Therlonge of Winder

•Mauricio Castro of Hoschton

•Myles Plemmons of Braselton

•Isiah Vang of Statham

•Eddison Verrett of Auburn

•Mollie Wilson of Winder

•Connor Reynolds of Braselton

•Lawrence Cangelosi of Hoschton

•Jessica Bowler of Braselton

•Sarah Carter of Hoschton

•Baleigh Crook of Bethlehem

•Gracie Kenerly of Hoschton

•Alexa Royal of Winder

•Madelyn Souther of Auburn

•Olivia Spurlock of Auburn

•Alexa Waldrep of Hoschton

•Kelsey Brooks of Hoschton

•Seth Walton of Auburn

•Sabrina Escobar of Hoschton

•Dana Bowen of Winder

•Kayla Brown of Bethlehem

•Brittany Davis of Winder

•Michael Schlenk of Auburn

•Michael Skelton of Winder

•Alyssa Craig of Braselton

•Angie Morales of Auburn

•Arrica Wynn of Hoschton

•Avery Johnson of Hoschton

•Cedric Johnson of Statham

•Brennen Murphy of Bethlehem

•Myles Vendryes of Auburn

•Elizabeth Brumley of Braselton

•Caryn Achaibar of Hoschton

•Lauren Hahn of Hoschton

•Yasmen Barnett of Winder

•Tiffany Ramos of Statham.

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