The following local students were named to the President’s List at Georgia Southern University for the fall 2020 semester after earning a 4.0 grade-point average:

•Cheyenne Adams of Bethlehem

•Alex Ferrante of Hoschton

•Alexandra Holley of Auburn

•Isabelle Husted of Auburn

•Jarrett Jenkins of Auburn

•Lexis Jordan of Hoschton

•Brady Olenek of Hoschton

•Claudia Pope of Auburn

•Kelsey Powell of Hoschton

•Ainsley Ray of Braselton

•Erin Rice of Winder

•Ryan Savage of Winder

•Molly Silva of Winder

•Sean Stephens of Braselton

•Victoria Thompson of Winder

•Elijah Walton of Winder

•Madison Watson of Hoschton.


The following students made the Dean’s List at Georgia Southern after earning a GPA of at least 3.5 for the fall semester.

•Keziah Austin of Bethlehem

•Cassidy Baggett of Winder

•Hannah Barrett of Winder

•Kimberly Brown of Winder

•Emily Constable of Winder

•Bryce Correll of Statham

•James Faur of Winder

•Aiden Giroux of Braselton

•Madison Halley of Hoschton

•Andie Halley of Hoschton

•Kaira Harris of Hoschton

•Terrinicka Jones of Bethlehem

•Corvionna Manago of Bethlehem

•Kyle Marbut of Winder

•Rachel McCain of Winder

•Lauren McNally of Winder

•Lauren Peck of Statham

•Cameron Richards of Braselton

•Anna Smathers of Hoschton

•Keyani Smith of Winder

•Jadyn Steele of Hoschton

•Garrett Tyler of Bethlehem

•Vincent Watson of Hoschton

•Sarah Zahm of Bethlehem.

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