Three Barrow County school principals told the board of education Tuesday about the ways they are seeking to improve student test scores.

County Line Elementary School. Principal Chris McMichael presented data relating to student behavior, which indicated a decrease in administrative behavior referrals over a three-year time span. According to the presented data, CLES referrals went down from 422 total administrative referrals in 2008-09 to 160 in 2010-11. These results reflect an increase in teachers' individual classroom management and an effort toward maximized learning. According to McMichael, so far this year, there are approximately 28 referrals to administration. “Test scores are only part of the data,” he told the board. “We're looking at other methods.”

Mac Almond, principal of Statham Elementary School, said teachers at SES work unpaid throughout the summer to better the education of the students. The school additionally uses a national reading consultant once a month to improvement students reading skills, as well as employ smart boards in every classroom and offer a variety of educational software. Almond read/presented a poem to the board originally read by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan to 1984 National Teacher of the Year Guy Dowd.

Winder Barrow Middle School. Principal Joy Wood said the school improvement process begins during the summer in order to brainstorm for the net year's upcoming measures. Wood prefaces her presentation by stating that math held the students back from earning adequate yearly progress. Strategies she listed school leaders hope to improve scores are instructional coaches and mock writing prompts.

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