The following area students were named to the President's List or Dean's List at Kennesaw State University for the spring 2020 semester. President's List honorees earned a grade-point average of 4.0 while those on the Dean's List had a GPA of at least 3.5.


•Emily Donnelly of Hoschton

•Kiarra Haley of Winder

•Alexandra May of Hoschton

•Julia Wesley of Hoschton

•Dorothy Creamer of Hoschton

•Jennifer Kaminski of Winder

•Faith Najfus of Auburn

•Nicole Young of Bethlehem

•Joel Bell of Braselton

•Justin Masters of Auburn

•James Phillips of Bethlehem

•Jacob Poole of Hoschton

•Kyle Cangelosi of Hoschton

•Alexander Beasley of Auburn

•Kelsey Brooks of Hoschton

•Lawrence Cangelosi of Hoschton

•Brooke Clune of Hoschton

•Lacey Harper of Auburn

•Kaitlyn Howell of Hoschton

•Gracie Kenerly of Hoschton

•Alexa Royal of Winder

•Eddison Verrett of Auburn

•Mollie Wilson of Winder

•Brittany Fournier of Winder

•Zalandria Hill of Bethlehem

•Chloe Roebuck of Hoschton

•Michael Schlenk of Auburn

•Avery Johnson of Hoschton

•Brianna Rac of Hoschton

•Nora Argueta of Auburn

•Elizabeth Brumley of Braselton

•Isabella Giordano of Hoschton

•Kayci St Clair of Winder

•Bradley Pendley of Winder.


•Ashley Glover of Hoschton

•Nakia Abdul of Bethlehem

•Caroline Anthony of Hoschton

•Nathan Blahnik of Hoschton

•Kaleigh Davidson of Hoschton

•Mark Hernandez of Hoschton

•Alexis Mai of Auburn

•Fernanda Moura of Auburn

•Morgan Pyle of Hoschton

•Andrew Reichart of Hoschton

•Chandler Saine of Hoschton

•Tyler Stoney of Winder

•Marlaysia Tucker of Auburn

•Conner Woodham of Hoschton

•Kelvin Pesina of Auburn

•Tommy Chang of Hoschton

•Nicholas Holmes of Hoschton

•Ryan LeBlanc of Auburn

•Matthew Parker of Statham

•Brenden Riser of Braselton

•Noah Trinite of Winder

•Conor Blankenship of Bethlehem

•Matthew Calfee of Bethlehem

•Marco Cando of Auburn

•Mauricio Castro of Hoschton

•Jesse Davis of Hoschton

•Jacob Doster of Hoschton

•Donald Kary of Winder

•Steve Marin of Braselton

•Alan Ramirez Moreno of Winder

•Bradley Shaw of Hoschton

•Isiah Vang of Statham

•Sebastian Vazquez of Hoschton

•Chelsey Abel of Auburn

•Jessica Bowler of Braselton

•Baleigh Crook of Bethlehem

•Reese Pittman of Winder

•Connor Reynolds of Braselton

•Madelyn Souther of Auburn

•Olivia Spurlock of Auburn

•Dana Bowen of Winder

•Kayla Brown of Bethlehem

•Sabrina Escobar of Hoschton

•Ralston Fitler of Braselton

•Shelbie Hill of Braselton

•Jillian McCrory of Hoschton

•Chandler Moore of Braselton

•Angie Morales of Auburn

•Madeline Rooks of Hoschton

•Seth Walton of Auburn

•Gia Wilson of Braselton

•Caprice Price of Auburn

•Caryn Achaibar of Hoschton

•Ethan Byrd of Hoschton

•Jamilet Coreas of Bethlehem

•Ansley Favara of Hoschton

•Christian Kilgore of Statham

•Trinity Wharton of Winder

•Alexandra Williamson of Hoschton

•Yasmen Barnett of Winder

•Lauren Hahn of Hoschton.



The following area students were named to the Dean’s List at Valdosta State University for the spring 2020 semester after earning a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher:

•Kadaja Kirkland of Statham

•Lindsey Pearce of Braselton

•Taylor Beshers of Braselton

•Deonna Price of Winder

•Paige Taylor of Auburn

•Kassie Wilson of Auburn

•Amanda Stanley of Bethlehem

•Khamil Canty of Braselton

•Tonya Beck of Auburn

•Lauren Burkhalter of Hoschton

•William Griffin of Winder

•Shaquaria Thurmond of Winder

•Rebekah Trammell of Winder

•Raegan Rhoden of Braselton.


The following area students recently graduated from Mercer University:

•Michael Adeola of Auburn, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Science

•Khadija Omer of Auburn, College of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

•Ethan Stokes of Auburn, School of Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Engineering


•Justin Youngblood of Statham graduated from Iowa State University with a Master of Science in Agricultural Education.

•Latrice Perkins of Winder was named to the President's List at the College of Charleston, an honor given to students who achieve a GPA of at least 3.8 for the semester. 

•Destiny Gibbs of Winder was named to the Dean’s List at Lincoln Memorial University.

•Sarah C. Rowell of Winder and Hannah P. Ferguson of Hoschton made the Dean's List at Clemson University, earning a GPA of between 3.5-3.99. Davis Joiner Ward of Braselton made the President's List, compiling a 4.0 GPA. 

•Azalia Martinez Gonzalez of Winder made the Dean's List at Eastern Connecticut State University, earning a GPA of 3.5 or higher. 


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