The following local students made the Dean’s List at Berry College for the fall 2019 semester:

•Will Warbington of Auburn

•Tanner Still of Braselton

•Isabelle Renn of Statham

•Cami Grace Glass of Statham

•Joey Pratt of Winder.


The following students made the President’s List at Georgia College:

•Andrea Blair of Bethlehem

•Payton Mitchell of Hoschton 

•Mattie Davis of Hoschton

•Catherine Deer of Braselton

•Grace Jackson of Bethlehem

•Taylor Pruett of Hoschton

•Alyssa Taliaferro of Auburn

•Marshuna Dalton of Winder

•Cassie Gray of Statham 

•Maegan Stephens of Braselton

The following students made the Dean’s List at Georgia College:

•Kaylee Phillips of Auburn

•Kylee Hicks of Hoschton

•Emily Green of Winder

•Zachary Dunn of Hoschton

•Anna Deardorff of Winder

•Matthew Quint of Statham

•Jessica Scott of Winder

•Aidan Troha of Auburn

•Emmaline Farmer of Winder

•Kennedy Dickson of Hoschton

•Rylee Hunter of Hoschton

•Madison Britt of Statham

•Marin Davidson of Winder

•Callie Little of Auburn

•Angela Cote of Braselton

•Olivia Morgan of Winder

•Emily Gannon of Winder


The following students made the Dean’s List at Valdosta State University:

•Tonya Beck of Auburn

•Taylor Beshers of Braselton

•Lauren Burkhalter of Hoschton

•Khamil Canty of Braselton

•William Griffin of Winder

•Lindsey Pearce of Braselton

•Deonna Price of Winder

•Amberly Smith of Braselton

•Amanda Stanley of Bethlehem

•Zachary Stowe of Hoschton

•Brielle Tate of Statham

•Shaquaria Thurmond of Winder

•Rebekah Trammell of Winder

•Kassie Wilson of Auburn



•Sierra Albers of Auburn was named to the Chancellor's List (4.0 GPA) at Troy University.

•Jackson Alvarez of Winder made the Dean’s List at the University of Georgia.

•Thomas Smallwood and Tiffany Smallwood of Bethlehem made the Dean’s List at Pensacola Christian College.


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