Ashley Bailey, with the Barrow County School System's AIM program, was one of the Zaxby's "Urgency to Serve" grant recipients for the 2020-21 school year. 

Zaxby’s, a “District Partner in Education” with the Barrow County School System, recently awarded its second annual “Urgency to Serve” mini-classroom grants for the 2020-21 school year.

The grants provided more than $8,000 (up to $500 per grant) for several teachers and educators.

“I appreciate Zaxby’s recognizing the urgency we have in serving our students and the passion that we have to see all succeed,” Bethlehem Elementary School counselor and grant recipient Mary Griner said. “I look forward to using the new curriculum and seeing the impact it has on the social emotional development of our learners.”

“While delivering the checks this year I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting some of the first semester recipients. The sincere gratitude was unmistakable. We owe so much to our local school system every year, but this year especially. The protocols, procedures, and diligence to keep our kids safe and in school was and is truly heroic,” said Todd Faulkner with Zaxby’s Franchise Group. “It was also great to see the broad spectrum of applicants: civil rights, math, music, reading, communication, connection. Some of the true cornerstones of serving. It really hits home and humbles us here at Zaxbys to serve the ‘Barrow Bold’ community. We look forward to our partnership going forward.”

Nine first-semester grants totaled $4,246 with an overall impact on 3,251 students through the following grants:

•Mary Griner, Bethlehem Elementary School — Social-Emotional Learning.

•Amber Hagy, Yargo Elementary School — Math Manipulative Kits for Digital Learners.

•Annslee Jones, Winder-Barrow High School — Positive Behavior Intervention System Improvement.

•Betsy Lilliston, Bear Creek Middle School — Art for the Ages.

•Jessica Martin, Bethlehem Elementary School — Mask Lanyards.

•Logan Morris, Russell Middle School — Leaders of the Pack.

•Joe Pearce, Westside Middle School — Percussion Instruction in Music Appreciation.

•Jill Rodibaugh, Professional Development Center — Communication for All.

•Melissa Thebeau, Russell Middle — Books for All.

Eight second-semester grants totaled $3,838 with an overall impact on 1,238 students through the following grants:

•Derrick Allen-Cauthen, Apalachee High School — Social Studies Escape Rooms.

•Ashley Bailey, AIM — What Connects Us All?

•Sandy Bradshaw, Yargo Elementary — Zones of Regulation at Home.

•Gretchen Hollingsworth, Barrow Arts and Sciences Academy — Rollin’ with Science.

•David Kendrick, Bear Creek Middle — The MARCH Continues.

•Sherri Perry, REACH — REACH Georgia College Visits.

•Megan Scott, Russell Middle — Books for All.

•Toni Sessions, Bear Creek Middle — Dissection Supplies.


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