BCA volleyball

Bethlehem Christian Academy's junior high volleyball team won its region tournament on Sept. 26. 

Bethlehem Christian Academy’s junior high volleyball team won its region tournament Sept. 26 after entering the tournament as a No. 5 seed.

Entering the tournament, the VolleyKnights first faced fourth-seeded Loganville Christian Academy. The VolleyKnights came out strong with key blocks from Anna Clair Adolphson as well as strong setting by Malia Silva in their sweep of LCA (25-20, 25-22).  

After LCA, the VolleyKnights faced the No. 1 seed, West Jackson Middle School.  Shae Britt, Shelby Craft and Edyson Torbett lead the team at the net, and Reese Richardson sealed the win at the serving line as they swept West Jackson.  

The two victories put the VolleyKnights in the region finals, where they faced off against Loganville Middle School.  In the back court, the VolleyKnights relied heavily on the talents of libero Angie Figueroa and Macee Powell.  Caroline Grenier and Whitney Dobbs entered the game to finish off Loganville in a two-set sweep, sealing the region victory for the VolleyKnights.  

“The talent level on this team is truly amazing,” BCA coach Heather Roseland said. “We have a few players who have been playing volleyball for years at the club level, but our regular season match-ups always left us just short of the win. We just couldn’t seem to pull it together as a team.”

Roseland said that, over the last few weeks of the season, she “focused on more of the team-building aspect of the sport, and that effort paid off.


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