Property valuations

Questions are being raised among property owners after the Barrow County Tax Assessor’s office mailed property valuations May 6.

According Barrow County Board of Assessor’s chief appraiser Guy Rogers, there are several common misconceptions regarding property valuations, which he urges the public to consider.

First, is that the property valuations are not the actual property tax bill. It’s a notice of the property valuation, which isn’t the final number and often changes from the amount on the actual tax bill and it can be appealed. Unlike the valuation notice, the final property tax bill, which is mailed out later in the year, cannot be appealed.

There is a 45-day deadline to appeal property valuations, which can be done by following the directions provided on the assessment notices. Further information on the appeal process stated on the assessment notices.

The deadline to appeal is June 20, 2022.

The valuation date on the assessment notice is as of January 1, 2022. Therefore, the basis for the 2022 valuations is the 2021 sales and isn’t a current-day valuation.

This is per the law of Georgia, said Rogers.

“That is one difference between a fee appraiser and a property assessment appraiser.,” he said.

“We have laws and dates that are mandated by the Georgia Department of Revenue and the State legislature that must be strictly followed.”

The amount taxes each year isn’t something the Tax Assessor’s office is able to control, said Rogers.


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