Wright leads class

Gina Wright, director of the legislative and congressional reapportionment office of the General Assembly, directed a BULLI class on redistricting and the census.

Braselton’s BULLI class recently learned first-hand information about the importance of an accurate census as it relates to local, state and national representation.

Gina Wright, director of the legislative and congressional reapportionment office of the General Assembly, directed the class and engaged its students in the once-per-decade census project and resulting redistricting. Wright is a 19-year veteran of the process.

Wright explained the difference between reapportionment, the reallocation of Congressional districts, and redistricting, the redrawing of district boundary lines affecting towns, cities, state house, state senate and congressional districts. By law, Georgia must keep its 180 state house districts and 56 senate districts, but its 14 Congressional districts are subject to change based on population growth or loss. The U.S. House must remain with 435 districts nationwide.

“The intricate process begins when the Census Bureau certifies its count across the country,” Wright said, “And ends in Georgia when a special session of the General Assembly adopts local, regional and statewide districts in 2021. We must remain in compliance with the US and Georgia constitutions, the fourteenth amendment of the US Constitution and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

Georgia’s population is projected to exceed 10.5 million in 2020 to be the nation’s eighth most populous state.

A variety of courses are presented by the Brenau University Learning and Leisure Institute (BULLI) in Braselton every year. Peg Sheffield is the curriculum committee chair. Registration for spring term will be held Tuesday, February 18, at 4 p.m. at Braselton Town Hall, 4982 Highway 53.


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