Braselton honors Citizens Academy grads

Braselton's Town Council recently honored graduates of the 10th Citizens Academy. Pictured here are: (front, L-) Lee Baker, Ryan Aquilino, Justin Norman, Mayor Bill Orr, Jessica Zagarella, Shawnette Good, Dale Shapiro and Justin Guido; and (back, L-R) council members Hardy Johnson, Jim Joedecke, Peggy Slappey and Becky Richardson. Ronald Lev is not pictured.

Braselton’s mayor and town council recently honored eight residents who completed the 10th annual Citizens Academy.

In 2020, Jessica Zagarella, Ronald Lev, Shawnette Good, Dale Shapiro, Justin Norman, Lee Baker, Ryan Aquilino and Justin Guido completed the six-month municipal immersion series including the topics of town administration, finance, police and court, libraries, public works, planning and development, economic development, tourism and more.

Participants lauded the program and encouraged others in the future.

“It’s the best way to experience Braselton in a different way as a citizen," Shawnette Good said.

“It was informative, and I have a better understanding how the town operates," Lee Baker added.

“I learned so much. It’s great to see behind the scenes," said Jessica Zagarella.

Town manager and academy coordinator, Jennifer Scott, added that academy is popular, and "it helps prepare our graduates for services on advisory boards or just being better citizens of the town.”

Applications for the 2021 Citizens Academy become available by April.


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