Hoschton is welcoming a new restaurant to its neighborhood. A family place at heart The Read Thread Kitchen is bringing farm to table with its southern fusion cuisine.

Dream to reality

“It all began with a dream,” said Chelsea Neal (Johnson). “It has always been a goal of mine to open my own restaurant.”

Her cooking career began in her family’s kitchen in Jacksonville, Fla.

“I became a vegetarian for 10 years, but my family was not going to cook vegetarian, so I taught myself to cook,” she said.

Years later, as Neal continued to fall in love with food and creating her own recipes, she and her husband, Dillon, opened a food tent at local Hoschton festivals called, Chelsea’s Street Grill. At this time, Dillon was also managing his own business, an urban farm named Micro Dream Farm, where he sold his microgreens at the local festivals with Chelsea. Together the couple merged their businesses to create The Red Thread Kitchen, where they are incorporating their farm fresh products to the southern fusion cuisine.

“The story of the Red Thread is when two people are soul mates they are connected by a thread and no matter where they go in the world, they will find each other, and so we call it our story,” said Chelsea Neal.

The two also partnered with, Dave Glander, to open Red Thread. The Neals met Glander at a Braselton antique festival where he too was running his own business selling from his hot dog stand. Neal said she felt that God was calling her to invite Glander to be a part of Red Thread.

Bringing the community together

“We wanted to create a beautiful place in Hoschton for everyone to gather and enjoy great food and smiling faces,” said Chelsea Neal.

To bring the community together Red Thread will showcase local farms, historic photos of Hoschton, sell work of artists and bring jazz and a variety of local musicians to its stage which features a projector screen.

At the restaurant, the couple also plan to host many events including bingo night, daddy-daughter dates, princess day, story time, crafts with local artist Chandra Chappell and a sip and paint class called “tipsy canvas” for a girl’s night out.

“We want to give you a place to make memories and a place to feel at home,” said Neal.

The restaurant which will house 150 guests has a 20X30 patio for outdoor dining, custom windmill fans, a bar that is made from a fallen tree from the lawn of Lawson Funeral Home with milk crate lights hanging over head, taps and Dillon’s microgreens which can be seen growing behind the bar.

Attraction honors Hoschton Heritage

Among the attractions is the restaurant’s most prided feature, a 14-foot 750-gallon aquarium wall that separates the private dining seating from the main dining area. In honor of Sells Mill Park, the aquarium features a functioning replica wheel that powers the tank.

“Sells Mill is a beautiful landmark and pride of our town and we want to honor the history of Hoschton as we bring our community together,” said Dillon Neal.

Recently the Neal’s partnered with Cresswind Georgia at Twin Lakes to bring the aquarium to life by forming a team to fish for bass at the subdivision’s lake to transport to the aquarium. During the outing, Mike Poteete caught the first fish of the day. Named after him, “Mike the Fish” now swims among goldfish in its new habitat with other bass from the local lake.

On the menu

According to the Neal’s their menu will be one that anyone can love.

“Our menu features a variety of dishes utilizing our Southern roots,” said Dillon Neal.

Some of the dishes found on the menu include: Smoked beef brisket, low country hummus, pot roast, grilled cheese, southern cordon blue and Red Thread Cajun pasta, to name a few.

According to Chelsea Neal, the cuisine will be produced by the kitchen’s creative and talented chefs who put emphases on presentation.

“At the end of the day food may be simple but it is really so important,” she said. “We enjoy cooking, we enjoy food, and we are ready to enjoy it with you.”

More about the business

The Red Thread Kitchen, located at 115 Town Center Parkway, Hoschton, plans to open its doors to the public in mid-February.

Hours will be Mondays-Sundays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information and updates, visit The Red Thread Kitchen Facebook page.


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