Jackson County Comprehensive High School seniors recently walked across their graduation stage, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their life. The building where they received their high school education will start a new chapter, too.

Starting in late July, the building formerly known as Jackson County Comprehensive High School will now be the home to the Empower College and Career Center. Empower will engage students in real-world learning experiences. Through partnerships with business and industry, higher education, and the local community, students will work toward goals that help them reach their college and career objectives. The curriculum involves hands-on, workplace opportunities along with traditional, classroom coursework, including Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment.

“We are excited about transforming the student experience for the students of Jackson County Schools that attend Empower,” said John Uesseler, CEO of the Empower College and Career Center. “Whether they are university or workplace-bound after graduation, students will realize their true potential and all of the career opportunities available to them in our community and surrounding region.”

Empower will be available to eligible Jackson County High School, East Jackson Comprehensive High School, Foothills Charter High School, and Commerce High School students. Eligibility for attendance is determined by each student’s home (based on residency) school and completion of the entry level CTAE and Dual Enrollment prerequisites courses. More than 1,400 students from Jackson County Schools are enrolled in at least one course at Empower next school year.

Several career pathways will be phased into the curriculum including Health Science, Mechatronics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Energy, Business & Marketing, Logistics, as well as collegiate courses offered by Lanier Technical College and the University of North Georgia.

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