JCCO Scholarship Committee

Shown is the Jackson County Community Outreach scholarship committee. Shown from (left to right) are: Mary Burley, assistant; Patricia Gilliam, member; Kay Shanahan, chairperson and Carmen Poblet, co-chairperson.

The Jackson County Community Outreach (JCCO) announces that Kay Shanahan of Jefferson has joined as the scholarship committee chairperson and Carmen Poblet of Jefferson has joined the JCCO as the scholarship committee co-chair, on Monday, Jan. 6.

“We are excited to have them on our leadership team as we effect some restructuring improvements,” states Jim Scott, president of JCCO. “Shanahan has extensive experience as an academic counselor, a graduate mentor and admissions counselor at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Poblet is the owner of Art Design Promotions in Jefferson with prior experience as a program director at Virginia College and Fortis College. She is a member of the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce and she was also the 2016 Chamber Woman of the Year finalist.”

The JCCO Scholarship Committee team also consist of Mary Burley, retired educator and Patricia Gilliam a retired educator, both present JCCO Members. Charlotte Massey-Williams, of the Scholarship Interview Team will serve as scholarship advisor on the committee.

"We are reviewing some aspects of our scholarship award program plus adding some tech college scholarship skillset criteria to reflect present and future workforce needs,” states Scott.

The JCCO scholarship application will be posted on line by Friday, Jan. 17, and it is fillable and on PDF, and no handwritten applications will be accepted so that all are legible for our committee and the interview team,” says Scott.

Shanahan or Poblet will advise all counselors of deadline and interview schedule dates.


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