The Jackson County Community Outreach (JCCO) will award, on May 22nd , scholarships to 23 local high school graduates totaling $31,000.

The 2020 scholarship recipients are as follows:

•Samantha Holsten, East Jackson Comprehensive High School, $2,500, J. Scott Visionary Scholarship, attending University of North Georgia.

•Landon Gilbert, Jefferson High School, $1,500, Tom Lewis Leadership Scholarship.

JCCO Traditional Scholarship: ($1,000 each)

•Sydney Ardis, EJHS, attending University of Florida.

•Paola Gomez, Commerce High School, attending Brenau University.

•Kella Osorio, CHS, attending Piedmont College.

•Nate Ray, CHS, attending St. Andres University.

•Jason Zelaya, CHS, attending Georgia State University.

•Bracey Courchaine, JHS, attending Texas University.

•Mackenzia Fowler, JHS, attending Berry College.

•Mikaela Fowler, JHS, attending Berry College.

•Blake Hancock, JHS, attending Brenau University.

•R. Oliva Harris, JHS, attending Reinhardt College.

•Jordan Payne, JHS, attending Georgia State University.

•Payton Riggott, JHS, attending Georgia College & State University.

•E. Kate Tucker, JHS, attending University of North Georgia.

•Breanna Lumley, Jackson County Comprehensive High School, attending Georgia Southern University.

•Emily Giles, JCCHS, attending Brenau University.

Tech College Industrial Scholarships: ($2,000 each)

•Sawyer Irvin, EJHS, attending Lanier Tech College, industrial mechanical systems/mechatronics.

•Payton Kidd, EJHS, attending Athens Tech College, business/logistics.

•Zachary Clifton, JCCHS, attending Gwinnett Tech College, construction management.

•Clark Bruce, CHS, attending Athens Tech College, industrial mechanical systems technology.

•Hayley Dean, JCCHS, attending Athens Tech College, dental hygiene.

•Sydney Lee, JCCHS, attending Athens Tech College, welding technology.

"We are excited that we were able to give more Tech College Scholarships this year than any year since this category's 2016 rollout," states JCCO president Jim Scott. "All Tech recipients have selected high demand courses which will provide them good stable careers right here in Jackson County. One of our JCCO goals for 2021 and beyond is to do the 'spadework' to constantly increase future Tech zdcholarships as per our scholarship criteria. Depending on COVID restrictions, we pre-planned in January a JCCO 2020 Annual Achievement awards Banquet for October 24 to support the JCCO Scholarship Fund. But our Executive Board will review and confirm the exact date in August. On behalf of the entire JCCO organization, we thank those in the Jackson County community who have supported our work and our vision for the past 22 years. Please continue to pray for our country"

The JCCO's 22 year-1998-2020 total scholarships awarded is $276,500 to some 261 deserving, outstanding recipients.

Thirty-Seven applications were received this year from our four local high schools and each applicant expressed great aspirations. In accordance with the JCCO policy all qualified applicants were afforded an interview with the JCCO Interview team. Due to COVID-19 restrictions both interview sessions were conducted by GOTOMEETING Teleconferencing mode, monitored by the Rev. Russell Jackson, JCCO Faith-Based & IT Advisor.

Mr. Scott states, "We congratulate Kay Shanahan, JCCO Scholarship chair and Carmen Poblet, scholarship co-chair, both first year leaders for the superb job, with my kudos in managing our 2020 Scholarship program. Our JCCO Scholarship Interview Team consisted of Brenda Walker, Wayne Farms LLC, Purchasing Manager, Patricia Gilliam, JCCO, Charlotte Massey-Williams and Melody Herrington, JCCO. We thank them greatly for their hard work and dedication to the JCCO mission. Interviews were held on April 29-30."

For more JCCO Information, visit the website,


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