An emergency appeal hearing of the 9th District Republican Party has been slated for Sunday, April 25, to hear a complaint over the recent election of officers at the Jackson County GOP convention held on April 10.

The appeal was filed by four members of the GOP, who said some local GOP leaders "violated the rules that govern our party." 

"After much reflection, we strongly believe that these inconsistencies undermine the legitimacy of our party," the appeal letter stated.

Specifically, the complaint said no copy of the county GOP rules were made available and that some candidates for a GOP office were disqualified based on those rules.

Hoschton city councilman Adam Ledbetter was nominated by the GOP nominating committee for chairman of the local party against incumbent chairman T.J. Dearman, but was disqualified.

Jeff Hughes, a member of the Jackson County Board of Elections, did challenge Dearman from the floor, but was defeated. That vote reportedly had to be held twice after the first vote showed more people voting than delegates who were present.

The disqualification of Ledbetter was based on a reference to a rule that GOP delegates and candidates have to volunteer for at least 10 hours during the year.

But the complaint appeal says the Jackson County GOP had broken ties with the Trump campaign in February 2020, making it impossible for local members to officially have volunteer campaign hours.

The appeal was filed by Sam Thomas, Ross J. Harvin, Wesley Colley and Crystal L. Colley.

The appeal hearing will be held at Cha Cha's Event Hall located at 5522 Hwy. 129, Cleveland, at 3 p.m.


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