After weeks of surging COVID cases in the area, those numbers took a recent dip.

As of Monday (Sept. 13), COVID numbers in Jackson, Barrow, Hall and Gwinnett counties had all decreased from numbers recorded last week by the Department of Public Health.

Jackson County reported just 27 new COVID cases on Monday, its lowest total since Aug. 4. That’s down from 59 new cases reported a week ago on Sept. 6.

The county had recently reported a record 174 cases on Sept. 3.

As of Monday, Jackson County’s seven-day moving average had dropped to 77.1. That comes after the seven-day moving average stood at 99.4 just four days earlier (Sept. 9).

Similarly, Barrow County reported just 29 new COVID cases on Monday, down from 40 recorded a week earlier on Sept. 6. The seven-day moving average dropped to 55.3 from the previous Monday’s average of 67.3. Its seven-day rolling average stood at 73.7 just four days ago.

Hall County recorded 94 new cases on Monday compared to 166 the previous Monday. The seven-day moving average had dropped to 163 on Monday after standing at 185 just five days earlier on Sept. 8.

Gwinnett County saw a drop to 267 new cases on Monday, down from 297 the previous Monday. The seven-day moving average fell to 313.4 after it stood at 349.0 on Sept. 6.

State wide, the number of new cases dropped to 3,736 on Monday, down from 5,860 recorded the previous Monday. The state’s seven-day moving average also fell to 4,985.6 on Monday, down from an average of 6,290.6 reported the previous Monday.

At the hospitals, the number of COVID patients at Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) facilities had dropped to 282 as of Monday after having risen to 333 just four days earlier.

The number of COVID patients being treated at Braselton’s NGHS facility dropped from 84 on Sept. 9 to 63 by Monday (Sept. 13).


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