A divided nation has spoken and Democrat Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States.

The race was called around noon on Saturday, Nov. 7, as the results in Pennsylvania became clear with Biden taking that battleground state.

The Democratic president-elect has also apparently taken Georgia, although those results aren't yet official.

"Surprisingly, Georgia became a key swing state as well with the results still undecided, but with Biden leading by a few thousand votes in the state, which has been dominated by the GOP for three decades," said Jackson County Democratic Party chairman Pete Fuller.  "The Jackson County Democrats are incredibly proud of this state and our role in pushing Georgia into the status of being a blue state. Two years ago a massive organizational effort occurred that laid a good bit of the groundwork for this year. This year, Dems garnered 20.1% of the Jackson County vote, an improvement of 4% from the 2016 16.1%."

Jackson County voted strongly for incumbent GOP President Donald Trump with around 79% of the vote locally.

“As we continue to await results from all around the state and country, it’s clear where Jackson County stands," said Jackson County GOP chairman T.J. Dearman. "Despite non stop, personal attacks coming from local democratic candidates, the people of Jackson County saw right through it and reelected our Republicans by a whopping 80%."

That kind of result was typical across most rural areas of the state, but Biden took the more urban areas around Georgia, offsetting Trump's rural strength.

Although Biden has won the presidency, the nation remains divided politically. President Donald Trump has not yet conceded that he lost the race and some commentators expect him to attempt to litigate the election results. 


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