Several large capital project acquisitions were approved by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners on July 19.

Among the projects was the acquisition of 65 acres on Pocket Rd. for a passive greenspace park in the county.

The property is being acquired from Sidney and Victor Tanner for $800,000. The Tanners are donating $100,000 back to the county of that with the remainder being financed through 2023.

The BOC also agreed to buy the remainder of the Gordon Street Center from the Jackson County Board of Education for $800,000. After the school system vacates its offices from the facility, the county will use the extra space to expand its voter registration offices.

The facility was originally the Bryan High School, the county's high school for black students before schools were integrated in the late 1960s. It was later used as the home of Jackson County High School when it first moved to Jefferson in 1980 and later for an evening school and other education endeavors. 

The school system gave the county part of the facility earlier to be used for the county's recreation offices and recreation facilities. 

In a third capital outlay, the board approved buying two trucks for $137,800 to be outfitted as Quick Response Vehicles for the county's EMS operations. One vehicle will be located on the county's west side and one on the east side. They will be staffed from 9 a.m. to 9  p.m. daily and will respond to calls that may not require an ambulance.

The ongoing cost to operate the vehicles will be $233,500 per year.


In other action July 19, the BOC approved:

• adding a new deputy clerk position to the Clerk of Court's office.

• modifying the county's alcohol ordinance to allow for farm-based wineries.

• the annual aging services contract with the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission.

• the annual transportation services agreements with NGRC.

• a Coronavirus appropriation from the federal government that will go to the local airport's operations.

• a pre-trial diversion service being added to the district  attorney's office.

• a tax district for street lights in Camden Farms Subdivision.

• a contract with Plainview Recreation Center to lease ground space for a communications tower.


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