The new Jackson County Agricultural Facility could soon have an oversight committee for its operations, which are slated to begin in 2020.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners previewed a proposal to create the oversight board at its Nov. 4 meeting. The board could take a final vote on the board's creation at its Nov. 18 meeting.

Among those proposed for the group are: Marty Clark as chairman (Clark has overseen the construction planning for the project and led a group to raise private funds to help pay for it); Josh Whitworth, Young Farmer coordinator for Jackson County; Robin Wilson of Rocking W Angus farm in Commerce; David Callaway, agricultural instructor at Jefferson City School System; Michael Cronic, member of the Jackson County Board of Education; Denise Temple, officer manager of the Jackson County Farm Bureau; Phil Page, cattle and swine producer in West Jackson; April Davis, Commerce City School System agricultural teacher; and the Jackson County Cooperative Extension Agent as an  ex-officio member of the board.


In other business discussed at its Nov. 4 meeting, the BOC:

• heard a proposal for the county to terminate its misdemeanor probation services contract with C.S.R.A. Probation Services and move the contract to Southeast Corrections. The move comes at the request of judges in the Piedmont Judicial Circuit and is supported by the Jackson County and Barrow County sheriffs' offices. If approved, the move will change on Jan. 1, 2020.

• saw a proposed list of roads totaling 10 miles to be repaved in 2020 with a combination of local and state funding. Jackson County plans to use SPLOST proceeds for its share of the cost.

• saw a proposal to transfer the right-of-way for Bana Rd. to the City of Commerce. The road is a planned industrial development road that has not been built by the county, but is now needed for the large Band 85 (Rooker) project near the I-85 and the Commerce-Maysville interchange. The project is in the City of Commerce and the city needs the county-owned right-of-way to build the road for that project.

• reviewed the annual state funding assistance application for the county's transit system and a routine update to the system's Title VI plan.


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