Braselton leaders recently gave the go-ahead on a road naming and addressing ordinance, along with a handful of other routine items.

The Braselton Town Council voted Nov. 9 to approve the road ordinance.

Town manager Jennifer Scott said the town is currently in the service delivery strategy process with Jackson County and that the county requested Braselton approve a uniform addressing and road naming ordinance. Since Braselton is located in four counties, the town's ordinance is modified for that four-county area.

The ordinance formalizes the town's existing process for naming roads (ensuring any road in town doesn't exist anywhere else in the four counties; naming streets after a person; road name changes; etc.).

“It meets all the county requirements,” Scott said. “It also kind of makes the process that we’ve been doing all along actually get put into an ordinance so that it’s very clear.”


Other items approved at Braselton's Nov. 9 meeting were:

•an amendment to the town’s development code, adopting a state model ordinance on stormwater management.

•an alcoholic beverage license for Colleen Marie Hunter Lyons for Longhorn Steakhouse. This is a license-holder change.

•a request from Michael Rotunda to declare surplus .265 acres off Quarry Falls Ln. Since multiple properties are adjacent to the parcel, the town will have to open the public bid process to allow eligible property owners to bid. The council approved the request to declare the property surplus at a minimum of $8,000, the high end of the appraisal.


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