Braselton leaders gave the go-ahead this week for an open container district in downtown.

The Braselton Town Council approved the change at its Jan. 11 voting meeting.

The new rules will allow patrons of some downtown businesses to carry an open container of alcohol.

There are a few stipulations, including: The businesses must be licensed for retail sales of alcohol; cups must be transparent, no more than 16 ounces and be branded by the business or purchased from the town; and all businesses serving in the district must have an employee on the premises who has attended ServSafe training.


Town manager Jennifer Scott told the council at its Jan. 7 work session that the Braselton Downtown Development Authority has been working on the proposal for at least six months. The new rules are similar to those in Suwanee and Buford, with a couple of differences.

“In ours, we actually allow businesses that already have their own branded cups that meet the requirements to use those cups, or to purchase cups from the town,” said Scott.

(The required ServSafe training is also a difference.)

Scott noted that several downtown businesses already have cups that meet the requirements, but the town has some available for purchase as well.

“The Town actually already has some in stock, which any business that doesn’t have their own can then purchase from us at our cost,” said Scott.

Braselton’s attorney Gregory Jay noted the purpose of the branded cup is two-fold.

“It’s easy to identify if someone bought something from home, which is not proper,” Jay said. “But it also educates the public that if they see that cup…they know it’s OK as opposed to someone who just walks around with a koozie or is walking around with a red solo cup…”

Jay also noted that business owners (like retail or clothing shops) don’t have to allow customers to bring open container inside of their store, adding that they can post a “No Food or Beverage” sign outside their door.


Also at its meeting, the council approved:

•its qualifying fees for the 2021 elections. The fee is $360 for the mayor seat and $180 for council seats. Mayor Bill Orr announced this week that he won’t seek re-election. The two council seats up for re-election are District 2, currently held by Peggy Slappey, and District 4, currently held by Hardy Johnson.

•Phase I of the final site plan for Braselton Village, the major planned unit development slated around Publix on Hwy. 211. The first phase includes 187 homes. The vote on the issue was 3-1 with Orr voting against and councilman Jim Joedecke abstaining.

•reappointing Peggy Slappey as mayor pro tem; Scott as town manager, town clerk, and election qualifying officer; Slappey was appointed to the Braselton Visitors Bureau Authority; and Jay was reappointed as the town's attorney.


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Vanessa Phillips

Oh Wow! People walking around with alcohol. What could possibly go wrong? It's oblivious from this story that everything is being done to prevent any Liability on the Business Owners who want to allow this. Good Luck Braselton. You're going to need it.

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