Members of the Braselton community were invited Tuesday (Sept. 17) to give their input on updates to the towns comprehensive plan. 

Members of the team hired to create the plan were in attendance in the community room in the police and court building and were available to speak with community members. The team is updating Braselton's existing 2030 comprehensive plan to create a new 20-year plan.

Activities were set up around the room and a survey was given out to make the meeting as interactive as possible. The activities included a build-your-own streetscape, where people could design their ideal Braselton street to show members of the comprehensive plan team what kind of streets people in Braselton want to drive on. The activity allowed users to customize the width of the road; on-street parking; sidewalks or multi-use paths; trees.

Another activity allowed people to put stickers on a map of town to show the areas of concern, areas they love, places where new development should begin, where transportation should improve and what areas need the most improvement. No one area overwhelmingly stood out. The town wanted traffic improvements on all state routes in the city and considered most major intersections a problem. They also want to see new developments in areas around the two I-85 exits.

The last activity was a residents wish list. People were given options to vote on what they want the most, and the poster featured an area for people to write in their own wants. Most people voted for traffic improvement. After that were votes for the development of a strategy for quality growth; the exploration of multi-model transportation alternatives; updated zoning; development of design guidelines for unique areas; and a business recruitment strategy. In the write-in area, people overwhelming want more round-a-bouts.

Questions on the survey included what kinds of lane uses people want to see more of; primary mode of transportation through town; types of housing people want to see more of; businesses and entertainment people want to see more of, among other questions.

The meeting also included various maps of Braselton which showed worst traffic areas, various character areas, zoning and one map showing areas with capitol improvement projects. The map of the worst traffic areas showed that from 2016 to 2019, over 15 accidents happened at the intersections of Hwy. 53 and New Cut Rd.; Hwy. 53 and New Liberty Church Rd.; and Friendship Rd. and Reunion Way.

Capitol improvements included the expansion of the riverwalk which would include a tunnel under Hwy. 211; a possible round-a-bout at the intersection of Hwy. 124 and Hwy. 211; and even a possible bypass which would hopefully alleviate tractor trailer traffic in town.

The meeting was well attended and all the activities were well participated in. The survey for input is still available online at


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