Braselton leaders will soon consider a request to allow a townhome development in a manufacturing section of the town.

The Braselton Town Council will hold a hearing on the request July 9 at 4 p.m. The council could take final action on the request at its July 13 meeting.

Johnnie Hastings is requesting a rezoning of 21.5 acres on Broadway Ave./Hwy. 124. Hastings wants the property changed from manufacturing-distribution to multi-family residential.

The proposed project includes 161 proposed townhomes. Those units would be rentals.

According to the application, units would be a minimum of 1,800 square feet and would be centered around several large, shared greenspaces.

Four parking spaces (two in the driveway and two in the garage) are planned for each residence, along with 36 guest parking spaces in the development.

The property is located in one of Braselton’s warehouse areas, but developers say the size and shape of the property don’t allow for that use.

“The site is relatively small (approximately 21.5 acres) and is constrained by major roadways to the north and south, preventing the parcel from consolidating with others to increase in size,” according to the application. “For these reasons, the site is not suitable for the large floorplates typically required of industrial or manufacturing buildings.”

Developers added the target demographic is young professionals (who aren’t ready to buy a home) and older people (who want to do less upkeep).


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