Shannon Stephens

Shannon Stephens

--If you are the incumbent, why should you be re-elected? What have you accomplished during your time in office? If you are the challenger, why are you the better candidate for the office you’re seeking? What will you do better or differently than the incumbent?

- I believe I will bring a fresh prospective to the office of Coroner. If elected I have plans on making the Coroner’s office easier to get in touch with, insuring that death certificates are received in a timely manner when possible, and lastly to help the community through supporting other programs and utilizing the current forms of communication to help keep citizens informed of important health related issues.

--The COVID virus has dramatically affected the entire world, including our local community. If you are the incumbent, how have you responded in your government position to the pandemic and helped the community? If you are the challenger, how would you use this public position to help the community in the coming weeks and months?

- I would start by helping share vital information for our other government agencies to help reach as many people as possible. To do this the Coroner’s office would need to have some form of social presence whether it is Facebook or another form of social media. This would also allow the citizens to have a way to communicate directly to the Coroner’s office.

--One of the likely impacts of the virus in the coming year will be to cut revenues coming into local governments. That will likely force some cuts in local government spending. Where would you propose making those cuts and what areas of local government should not be cut?

- The COVID-19 crisis has and will continue to have an impact on the economy. I believe that local governments will have to cut spending where it is possible, however the Coroner’s office would be a hard one to cut spending on. There are certain things that cannot be measured and cut, for example the number of deaths that Jackson County will have in a given year. There are somethings that can be and those will be the ones to look at and adjust if needed.

--What is the most important issue you see that involves the position you are running for?

- I believe that the main issues that can be improved upon is the timely completion of death certificates and making sure that the citizens of Jackson county have better access to the Coroner’s office.

--Tell voters a little about yourself and your background:

- I have been a resident of Jackson County for 30 years. I am a graduate of Jackson County High School. I have been a member of Zion Baptist Church and Nicholson Baptist Church where I played Bass guitar on the worship team. I have served the citizens of Jackson County for over 16 years in area of youth sports where I have coached, refereed, and been a supervisor for the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Dept. For the past 7 years, I have been an Athletic Coordinator where I oversee and organize the Soccer Program for Jackson County Parks and Recreation. I have a passion for helping and serving people and look forward to serving as your next Coroner.


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