Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood

(1). I feel like all of my patrol,K9 and narcotics investigation experience will help me encourage and teach younger Deputies to take a serious, pro active approach to the job. This will help decrease the drugs and crimes in our county. I will also promote positive morale in the Sheriffs office to retain employees. I will be out in the field and positively supporting my Deputies in person. I will assure that EVERY citizen is treated fairly and equally no matter who they are. I also want to make sure all Deputies are properly trained in all aspects of the job, especially dealing with the mentally ill.

(2). During these unusual and unprecedented times I would first ensure the citizens and my Deputies were all being as safe as possible. I would set up an email, website, or phone number at the office for those who are elderly, or have compromised immune systems to receive support. This support would be in the form of myself and Deputies bringing them necessary grocery items as well as medical supplies. I would also make sure myself and my Deputies remained vigilant to keep criminals from preying on our citizens.

(3). Law enforcement, Fire and EMS should definitely not have their budgets cut. As Sheriff I would work with the commissioners to spend money wisely and responsibly. I would not purchase new vehicles for myself or Deputies every year that are not on patrol and not driving constantly for twelve hours a day. I would strive to be a great steward of the tax payers money.

(4). Per GBI crime stats the crime rate in Jackson county has tripled in the last seven years. From talking to numerous citizens of Jackson county, drug sales, trafficking and usage is at an all time high. Numerous citizens have stated they believe this comes from “selective enforcement “. As Sheriff I will ensure that my Deputies and department are tough on criminals. I will personally do all I can to work closely with the District Attorney’s Office to prosecute and incarcerate serious crimes and criminals.

My Background: I was born and raised in Nicholson, Ga. I am a 1994 graduate of Jackson County High School. I have been married to my loving, supporting wife Melanie for 23 years. I have a grown son and two daughters. I have 2 grandchildren. I am a farmer and Law Enforcement Officer. I have been in law enforcement for 15 years. I started my law enforcement career as a detention officer at the Jackson County Sheriffs Office in 2005. In 2006 attended the Northeast Georgia Police Academy and was certified as a Police Officer. I then went to work for the Jefferson Police Department. I then left the Jefferson Police department and continued my career with the Statham Police Department, where I became the Assistant Chief. I have worked in the jail division, on patrol, K9 handler and narcotics investigations and then Assistant Chief for Statham Police. I have a true passion to serve and protect the citizens of Jackson county where I was born and raised. I will strive every single day to work hard and make Jackson county the safest place to live.


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