Jim David

Jim David

--If you are the incumbent, why should you be re-elected? What have you accomplished during your time in office? If you are the challenger, why are you the better candidate for the office you’re seeking? What will you do better or differently than the incumbent?

Don Moore is retiring after 30 plus years of service to Jackson County. The State Court of Jackson County has changed tremendously during this time in both scope and size. The one thing that remains the same is the central mission of the Solicitor’s Office which is to seek justice, and that is exactly what I plan to do as your next solicitor. To ensure justice, I will zealously prosecute all cases from the DUIs, reckless driving, simple battery, traffic violations and most importantly the family violence cases. I will seek justice for all most importantly, I will be tough on crime.

--The COVID virus has dramatically affected the entire world, including our local community. If you are the incumbent, how have you responded in your government position to the pandemic and helped the community? If you are the challenger, how would you use this public position to help the community in the coming weeks and months?

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world. That is especially true regarding the judicial system. The Court system is currently under a State of Emergency until June 12, 2020, which impacts how the State Court operates. Judge Alexander, the State Court Judge, has implemented a "phasing in" approach to get our courts back operational and running beginning the week of May 25,2020. With Judge Alexander’s stewardship, I believe a great deal of the uncertainty of the Covid-19 and the needed adjustments will be in place when I would take office in January of 2021.

--One of the likely impacts of the virus in the coming year will be to cut revenues coming into local governments. That will likely force some cuts in local government spending. Where would you propose making those cuts and what areas of local government should not be cut?

Like every person and every business owner in these times, the Solicitor’s Office will face dramatic budget cuts. I intend to run this office efficiently without compromising the services we provide the people most notably the Victim Assistance Program. If I am elected, I plan to comb through the current budget and make all necessary cuts, including my own salary, to address the critical shortfall in revenues the government is facing.

-- What is the most important issue you see that involves the position you are running for?

I’ve heard from many while I was on the campaign trail, what I already knew, the State Court Solicitor’s office has a reputation of being “soft on crime.” When I am elected this will change. Victim’s voices must be heard, and individuals must be held accountable for their actions.

--Tell voters a little about yourself and your background:

I am a Jackson County native son and a graduate of Jefferson High School. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Georgia, and I obtained my law degree from University of Dayton in Ohio. I came home after law school to make a difference in my community, and I wanted to make my own mark. So, I started a law practice. With the help of my community, I have built a very successful private law practice, and I will build a Solicitor's Office that works for the people.

As a Jackson county native who is committed to my community, I promise to my voting citizens that I will hear your voice, and I will make this Solicitor's Office work for everyone.


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